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Chaplaincy at Cliff

About our Chaplain:

After working in banking, Lynne trained for the Methodist ministry at Wesley College in Bristol following which she was ordained in to the Methodist Diaconal Order. Responding to a strong call to rural ministry, she served in circuits on the Isle of Man and Wirral before working as a hospital chaplain in South Wales. Being a member of a religious order, Lynne is deeply committed to fostering community, hospitality (her husband believes that she is on a mission to force feed anyone who stands still for too long) and mutual accountability. Her twin passions are found in pastoral ministry; particularly in making time for people in a world of great busyness and in enabling people to explore their spirituality through quiet spaces, both of which will find many opportunities in her new role at Cliff.

She will be serving the Cliff community – students, staff and guests – as chaplain and will also be working alongside members of the Learning Network to develop retreat and spirituality resources at Cliff. She looks forward to collaborating with wider ecumenical links not only in offering retreat space but in sharing these resources with those wishing to create retreats and quiet days in their own churches and communities.

Lynne is married to Gordon, a Methodist presbyter, who is thoroughly enjoying his retirement and who has now assumed the role of domestic manager, in between reading his many books, setting up his model railway and polishing their classic car, Bertie. Lynne is a self-confessed chocoholic and coffee-snob and enjoys music, theatre, and finding her own quiet spaces by seeking out new corners of rural peace, ideally in the company of Gordon and their two much-loved, if scatty, rescue dogs.


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