Certificate in Pioneer Ministry just launched!

Announcing a brand new Short Course! The ‘Certificate in Pioneer Ministry’ course is divided into two weeks of stand alone teaching with emphases on ‘Vocation and Mission’ (November 2016) and ‘Church & Practice’ (March 2017) which can be taken as a complete two week course, or as individual weeks.  The course is intended for those, lay or ordained, who are involved in pioneer ministry, working with those beyond the reach of existing forms of church to form new ecclesial communities or fresh expressions of church.

The Certificate in Pioneer Ministry (Vocation and Mission) course covers issues such as the ongoing vocational discernment, the characteristics and the spirituality of pioneers, and looks at the background of pioneer mission in Scripture and the life of the Church. It also looks in some depth at the distinctive missional values which underpin pioneer ministry and mission, and explores appropriate models of leadership.

The Certificate in Pioneer Ministry (Church and Practice) course looks in some detail at issues to do with forming new church communities, such as, ‘What do we mean by Church, and how will we recognise a new church when it has been formed?’ and, ‘How can new expressions of church develop well in relation to existing forms of church?’  It also addresses many of the practical matters associated with pioneering such as finance, worship, accountability and oversight,  working towards sustainability and succession planning, and explores the challenge of forming disciples of Jesus in a pioneer setting.

You will see the course further described on the website http://www.cliffcollege.ac.uk/cliff-certificates/

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