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BGC Lecture Fest 19 .2

Festival 2023 seminars - Saturday

Seminars on Saturday 27 May at Cliff Festival


Can we create an economy that enables the flourishing of all life?

Led by the Joint Public Issues Team

Do our current economic structures enable the flourishing of people and planet, or are they contributing to the climate crisis and deepening inequality? How might we be part of reconciling our economic structures with the pursuit of God’s kingdom of justice and peace? Join The Joint Public Issues Team to explore how new ways of thinking about the economy could be part of our justice-seeking as a Church today.

Lecture Room 1

A theology of solidarity: Methodist faith in the public square

Led by Andrew Stobart

In this seminar we'll explore what John Wesley had to say about poverty and slavery, and consider what Wesleyan themes of public theology look like today.

Lecture Room 2

Peace – a distant hope or a current calling?

Led by the Joint Public Issues Team

In a world where war is a present-day reality and conflict divides communities, how can we actively live as followers of the Prince of Peace? Join with the Joint Public Issues Team to explore the role peacebuilding has to play in reconciliation and restoration as we face into the challenges of international conflict, development and seeking justice in today’s world.Lecture Room 1

Why mission, evangelism and environmentalism belong together

Led by Steve Hollinghurst

If this title seems unexpected, that is because for many Christians, whilst caring for the environment is seen as a good thing, it is often not seen as central to our faith and a key part of the gospel we proclaim. This seminar will seek to show why care for creation is central to the Christian gospel and evangelism essential to bringing about the change we need to save our planet. This may challenge your assumptions about Christian faith and mission, but hopefully in a helpful way.Lecture Room 2


Evangelism in Christian Mission – MMD Audit

Led by Jeff Conklin-Miller

Would you like to experience an actual class at Cliff College? You can! You are invited to sit in a session of the unit "Evangelism and Christian Mission" which is part of the Mission and Ministry Development Programme at Cliff College. Learn about the Missio Dei - the mission of God - and discover various forms and models of evangelism. You can join a cohort of students taking this course (some in person, some present online) either for the first session from 1:00-2:15pm or the second session from 2:30-3:45pm.Samuel Chadwick Lecture Room

Revive us, Lord

Led by MET

This seminar will explore the theme of revival in Scripture and in the history of the church. We will then explore how those principles can be applied to our own lives, the life of the church and the nations.Lecture Room 2

Creation care on a budget

Led by David Hawker

How can you care for creation in a cost of living crisis? Is green living a middle-class middle-aged luxury? This seminar explores effective and thrifty responses to the climate emergency, from wasting not to wanting not, from heating to holidays, from clothing to conkers.Lecture Room 1

Forest Church

Led by Steve Hollinghurst

From early in the coming of Christian faith to Britain, the festivals of the Christian year and the circle of the seasons and agriculture have been intertwined. Many of us instinctively feel God’s presence in the natural world as do many who would not consider themselves Christian and are unlikely to come to church, but are open to encounter God in nature too. Forest Church is a way of exploring the spiritual outdoors in nature and make possible the discovery of God in the seasons and places they touch. This session will offer a chance to explore Forest Church and experience it in an act of outdoor seasonal celebration.The Labyrinth