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Fest Affinity

Festival 2023 seminars - Sunday

Seminars available on Sunday 28 May at Cliff Festival

Acting justly with money

Led by JustMoney Movement
What does our use of money say about who and what we treasure? How can we connect our financial decisions – as individuals and congregations – with the call to act justly, love our neighbours and care for creation? Come and reflect on the Biblical principles that underpin our stewardship of money, and explore practical ways we can respond to concerns like the cost-of-living crisis and the climate emergency.Lecture Room 1

'Better is One Day in Your Courts…’: The Presence of God in Discipleship and Mission'

Led by Ed Mackenzie

This seminar will explore the importance of the presence of God for discipleship and mission, beginning by tracing the biblical theme of God’s presence from Eden to the time when God will be ‘all in all’ (1 Cor 15:28). We will then identify the challenges we face today in seeking God’s presence and explore ways to commit ourselves afresh to knowing the God who dwells among us.Lecture Room 2
Christian Protest - the power of public witness

Led by Christian Climate Action

In the wake of our recent participation in The Big One climate protest and the 1400 strong No Faith In Fossil Fuels Pilgrimage, this session will look why and how we should take our faith from the pews to the street.

The session will be delivered by Melanie Nazareth, a lawyer and environmental activist who works with Christian Climate Action

Lecture Room 1
Deep Waters: Lament and hope within the climate crisis

Led by Green Christian
This workshop draws on resources from Deep Waters, a faith-based programme that enables people to express their feelings about climate change and biodiversity loss. With conversation, reflection, and shared experience, Deep Waters operates as a journey, exploring issues including truth-telling, mortality and justice. Focusing in particular on experiences of eco-anxiety and climate grief, it aims towards the discovery of renewed courage, clarity and purpose.

Lecture Room 2

Abundance vs scarcity thinking: the key to global economic justice?

Led by Justin Thacker
Western economists tell us we should think of ourselves as competitive individuals living in a scarce economic environment. We need to fight to win our share of the pie. In contrast, our faith, especially as expressed in the global south, teaches that we should live as cooperative communities where everyone thrives because everyone shares. In this seminar, we’ll explore the theological roots and practical implications of such abundance thinking and consider how it can replace the assumptions of scarcity that impoverish us all.Lecture Room 1
How could EcoChurch help you and your church restore Eden?

Led by Colin Beale
EcoChurch is A Rocha UK's flagship programme for churches who want to demonstrate that the gospel is good news for God’s earth. Imagining what Eden Restored might look like in our local contexts and drawing on examples of practical action taken by EcoChurches across the programme, this seminar is a call to action for churches seeking to deliver real change. Wherever your church is on its environmental journey, in this seminar we will help identify your vision for a restored Eden in your communities, identify the key challenges you'll need to overcome, and share inspirational steps others are taking already. Bring an internet connected device to engage fully!Lecture Room 2
Revival in the British Isles: a history

Led by Ben Pugh
This session will look at some of the most remarkable moments in the spiritual history of these islands: the Evangelical Revival, the Ulster Revival, The Welsh Revival, the Hebridean Revival. However, we will not be content with sepia-tinted sentiment. These events will be analysed for common features and historical context to see what can be taken from these amazing events that might inform the present.Samuel Chadwick Lecture Room
Introducing Taketime as a resource for mission

Led by Clive McKie
Are you looking for ways to help people find faith and deepen their spiritual connection? Come and experience a Taketime meditation and hear the various ways in which Taketime can be used.Chapel
Bereavement Support and Preventing Mental Ill Health

Led by Cassius Francis
In this seminar we will be explore the context of bereavement in the UK, the relationship between bereavemment and mental health, and how Christians can bring hope into these situations.Lecture Room 1


Living life on the streets

Led by the Archer Project
Using the stories of people who slept rough and the experience of the Archer Project’s CEO’s 14 nights of sleeping rough, we will look at the way exclusion affects the way people who are homeless see the world. Underlying the perspective is the prevalence of trauma. How does childhood neglect and abuse or brain injury change the way we behave and lead people to street homelessness.

Lecture Room 2