Vacancies on the Cliff College Committee

Cliff College Committee:

An opportunity for you to support the important work of Cliff College

The Cliff College Committee is the governing body of the College and acts as managing trustees under delegated authority from the Methodist Council.  During the next few months, the Cliff College Committee will be appointing a number of new members as existing members reach the end of their period of service.

The Committee invites applications from potential members who have an interest in supporting the work of the College. The Committee includes people from a wide range of backgrounds and professions but the Committee is particularly hoping to appoint people with professional experience in the areas of finance, employment and human relationship issues, legal matters, ecumenical relationships, marketing and the world of Higher Education.

The Committee meets at the College three times during the year, with the meetings being held during the day. No payment is made to members although travelling expenses are reimbursed and free accommodation is provided at the College for those travelling to the meetings from a distance. Occasionally Committee members are asked to make themselves available for small sub-committees which are called together to discuss a particular issue.

The governance of the College is carried out as stated in the Standing Orders of the Methodist Church. Last year a “Terms of Reference” document was agreed with the Methodist Council which added more detail to the Standing Orders. This new document notes that Committee members are to be appointed for a three year term with re-election for a further three years being possible.

The closing date for applications is Friday 29th April.

If you are interested in serving the College in this important and interesting way then please contact the Principal, Chris Blake, on or on 01246 584209.

Cliff College is a registered charity: No. 529386

Call: +44 (0) 1246 584200

Cliff College, Calver, Hope Valley, Sheffield, S32 3XG

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