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MA Mission (Literature, Theology and Culture (LTC))

MA, Diploma and Certificate (part time)

This cutting-edge pathway investigates the relationship between literature, theology, and mission, exploring a range of literary-theological engagements that give us unique insight into some of the key ideas that have shaped – and continue to shape – modern western culture. This equips us not only to engage with various expressions of the human condition but to better understand how the Christian gospel might be communicated within such a culture. This pathway also involves a supervised creative writing project that explores the connections between literature, theology and contemporary culture, informed by critical reflection upon literary-theological texts, themes, and ideas.

If you love reading literature and want to explore its potential relationship to theology and mission, this pathway is for you!

Course Details

There are two main units of study which cover a range of themes:

LTC1: Literature, Theology and Culture: Engaging Texts

Main themes include:

  • the biblical theology of cultural engagement
  • the relationship between literature and theology
  • theological engagement with classic literary themes
  • key Christian literary figures/movements
  • Christian responses to influential anti-theological literature
  • creative possibilities for literature, theology and mission

LTC2: Literature, Theology and Culture: Creating Texts

This independent study unit offers the opportunity to explore the intersections between literature, theology, and contemporary culture through a supervised creative writing project (fiction or non-fiction) informed by critical reflection upon literary-theological texts, themes, and ideas. It involves a combination of supervised research and creative writing working towards a final writing project.

The final project may be a segment of a larger piece of work (e.g. a section of novel or drama), a complete piece (e.g. short story), or a combination of connected shorter pieces (e.g. series of blog posts or journalistic articles). The final project is accompanied by a selection of tracked drafts and a critical reflection on the key decisions made throughout the drafting process. This will demonstrate a literary, theological, and missiological awareness of the context for which the writing is intended, and the key ideas, approaches, and texts which have informed it.

Students who successfully complete these two units will obtain a Postgraduate Certificate in Mission (Literature, Theology and Culture). Students wishing to obtain a Postgraduate Diploma or MA in Mission (Literature, Theology and Culture) may take these two units and any two other units from the programme, plus a dissertation for the MA.