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A previous Principal of Cliff College, Samuel Chadwick once said of the church, ‘There is a superabundance of machinery; what is lacking is power’.

We don’t want this to be true of Festival, especially this year, as we prepare a Festival based on the work of the Holy Spirit, so we need those who will commit to praying for us and with us as we design, prepare and organise Festival. Could you join us in this? We’d love to hear that we are being prayed for – and to start you off, please pray for:

  • The theme of ‘Ablaze’ – that the work of the Holy Spirit would become an increasing reality throughout all the planning;
  • Lots of people to hear about Festival and come onto the website to explore what it is all about;
  • For the Festival Committee as they oversee the work of Festival; Ashley, Paul, Ian, Andrew, Carolyn and Cathi.
  • Ian White as Festival Programme Co-ordinator – that he would manage Festival well alongside his other work as Senior Tutor, and that he would continue to be inspired by God to design a programme which meets the needs of everyone;
  • Andrew Harper as Festival Logistics Co-ordinator – he has the main responsibility for putting the weekend together
  • The on site Cliff staff team who carry various areas of responsibility in both the Programme and Logistics areas of the work, especially: Cathi, Russ, Veronica, Debra, Matt, Gary – that all would manage their area of responsibility well and enjoy their contribution to the weekend;
  • The various contributors that are contacted to lead seminars, preach, run activities and perform – that they would have wisdom to accept the invitation (!) and then as they prepare;
  • The staff, students and volunteers who lead key areas of the programme – children and youth, worship celebrations, seminars and special events etc – that all would plan well and be inspired in all that they are working on;
  • Lots more volunteers – remember you could be an answer to that prayer!;
  • The aspects of the programme that will be new in 2018, such as the new Orchard stage, that every detail will have been thought of carefully;
  • The people who will come to ‘Ablaze’ – those who have been before and those who will come for the first time – especially any who do not yet know Christ personally – that this would be an amazing weekend of real spiritual encounter, and of change and challenge;
  • The children and young people especially – that they would know they are part of the church today and not only in the future.
  • The weather – it would be good to have dry weather next year – all weekend!

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