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Aaron Edwards

Dr Aaron Edwards

MA Programme Lead
Lecturer in Theology, Preaching and Mission

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Aaron joined Cliff College in 2016 as the MA Mission Programme Lead and Lecturer in Theology, Preaching, and Mission. Previously he was a Teaching Fellow in Divinity at the University of Aberdeen, where he taught courses in practical, political, and historical theology. He has a passion for theology and mission, both in theory and in practice, with experience of both UK-based and cross-cultural mission projects in Tunisia, Albania, and Ukraine. His church background is Reformed evangelical and charismatic, mainly with the Newfrontiers family of churches, where he has often served local churches in leading, pastoring, preaching, mission, and evangelism in various capacities. He also has wider ecclesial and ministerial experience working with evangelical churches within the Baptist, Anglican, Methodist, Congregationalist, Pentecostal, and Presbyterian traditions.

His main theological interests are the theology and practice of preaching; the authority of Scripture; mission and evangelism; and dialectical theology. He also has specific interests in the work of Søren Kierkegaard; vision for theological education; institutional bureaucracy; sex/gender/masculinity; and contemporary evangelicalism. Aaron also has an enthusiasm for literary, philosophical, and popular culture, having studied English Literature at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, and having worked with the acclaimed Irish poet, Micheal O’Siadhail. He is keen to continue merging robust engagement with culture alongside rigorous Biblical faithfulness amidst the many challenges facing Christian belief in the contemporary western world.

Aaron is also a much-travelled academic, having spoken at numerous academic theological conferences and institutions around the world, including in Chicago, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, London, Nottingham, Glasgow, Birmingham, Baltimore, and others. He has also spent time in Ondo, Nigeria, where he gave a series of lectures on the theology of preaching to the Archbishops of the Nigerian Methodist Church. He is keen to see global evangelical voices better supported to help counteract progressive church decline in the West. Aaron has been a guest on various religious radio programmes and podcasts, and writes regularly for a number of church/mission-focused publications alongside academic research. He blogs at That Good Fight, and also co-hosts a popular podcast with Andy Bannister called Pod of the Gaps, discussing key issues on the intersections of Church and contemporary culture in the west.

Aaron lives in Derbyshire with his wife Molly, who homeschools their five children. He enjoys good music, good movies, good books, and good football. He plays football for his local team (and occasionally for the Church of England!), and supports LFC fairly avidly.


2004-2007BA English Literature (First Class Hons.)
- University of Liverpool
2007-2008MA Applied Theology
- University of Chester
2008-2009MA Creative Writing
- University of Chester
2011-2014PhD Divinity (Systematic Theology)
- University of Aberdeen
2019-2020PgC Teaching in Higher Education (Dist.)
- Sheffield Hallam University



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