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The programme in Mission and Evangelism is for people who want to think seriously and deeply about the practice of mission and evangelism in our contemporary culture through biblical, historical and theological studies. It is designed for lay or ordained persons, from all traditions, who are interested in the ministry of Christian evangelism and the missionary shape of the Church. The aim of the course is to equip persons for the intellectual and practical challenges of mission and evangelism facing the Church today through the discipline of postgraduate level study and personal research. If you are looking for a course that will go wide in its grasp of the subject, deep into some key themes, and will prepare you for the challenges of our day, then this is the course for you!

Course Details

 Students in this pathway must take at least two of the following three units. If they are studying for an MA then their dissertation must also be in the same area. They can choose their other units from the rest of this programme and across the syllabus.

MAE1: Evangelism, Conversion and the Gospel
– Main themes include:

  • Biblical perspectives on evangelism
  • Theology of evangelism and conversion
  • Historical approaches to evangelism
  • Mission in the world of work
  • Evangelism and worship
  • Evangelism in contemporary culture


MAE2: Mission, Evangelism and the Kingdom [online]
– Main themes include:

  • Holistic mission
  • Missio Dei and the Gospel
  • History of mission
  • Mission and liberation
  • Holiness and mission
  • Kingdom of God


MAE3: Best Practices in Mission and Evangelism
– Main themes include:

  • Biblical perspectives on evangelistic practice
  • Contextualisation in the New Testament
  • Mission in rural, urban, and global contexts
  • Innovations in Pentecostal world mission
  • Evangelism and proclamation
  • Evangelism as neighbourhood chaplaincy
  • Church mission strategies
  • Evangelism and social media


Each unit is assessed by a 5-6,000 word assignment.


This programme can be undertaken either full time or part time at a number of different levels:

    • Postgraduate Certificate in Mission (Evangelism):
      a one-year part-time course incorporating two units of study.
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Mission (Evangelism):
      a one-year full-time or two-year part-time course incorporating either four units of study or three units plus a supervised independent study unit (ISU).
    • MA in Mission (Evangelism):
      a one-year full-time or two-year part-time course incorporating four units of study plus a Masters-level dissertation of 12–15,000 words.


To complete the Evangelism Pathway in any mode, students must have completed a at least two of the core units (MAE1, MAE2, or MAE3). Those taking an MA must also have completed a dissertation in the general area of Evangelism.

What MAE students say:

“Great content, lots of information to process and lots of opportunities to ask / discuss questions and develop understanding.”

“The Program was great.  The Tutors were attentive, approachable and helpful.  The Christian values and ethos they hold shine through.”

“I very much enjoyed the teaching week.  The sessions were all interesting and I gained a lot of knowledge and insight.”                                

“The course has been really absorbing, interesting and thought-provoking. The broad range of topics was stimulating yet they all felt relevant to the subject in some way.”

“Great week. Thought-provoking, challenging and I would say potentially life changing, depending on whether I follow through on the many ideas and thoughts that have come through the stimulating presentations and material.”

“Surpassed expectations.”


“My confidence in the gospel and evangelism was restored.”


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