Literature, Theology, and Culture (LTC1)



This cutting-edge unit investigates the relationship between literature, theology, and mission. Looking closely at key literary texts, ideas, and movements (both Christian and non-Christian), we explore a range of literary-theological engagements that give us unique insight into some of the key ideas that have shaped – and continue to shape – modern western culture. This equips us not only to engage with various expressions of the human condition but to better understand how the Christian Gospel might be communicated within such a culture. If you love reading literature and want to explore its potential relationship to theology and mission, this one’s for you!

Course Details

The Literature, Theology, and Culture unit will run in March 2018. Through a combination of lectures and text-based seminars, this unit explores the following themes:

  • Biblical theology of cultural engagement
  • The relationship between literature and theology
  • Theological engagement with classic literary themes (e.g. death; love; existence)
  • Key Christian literary figures/movements (e.g. Inklings)
  • Christian responses to influential anti-theological literature (e.g. absurdist)
  • Creative possibilities for literature, theology, and mission


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