Certificate in Missional Entrepreneurship

‘Make Good’ – a social/missional enterprise accelerator to help you turn your ideas for social change into action. With Cliff College ‘Certificate in Missional Entrepreneurship’ attached. Back by popular demand for a third year!  Get Monday 11th  – Friday 15th May 2020 in your diary, and book early – limited places!

The ‘Make Good’ course in missional entrepreneurship looks at how pioneering mission can become financially self-sustaining. It aims to draw together pioneer practitioners for encouragement, motivation, discussion and learning, and points towards practical outcomes for you by the end of the week. Are you one of those key practitioners who has a ‘Big Idea’ you want to explore? Then come and join us here at Cliff College. There is a limit of 20 participants, so book early!

Make Good is a course developed by three partner organisations (Church Mission Society, Pickwell Foundation and Matryoshka Haus), but has always benefitted from drawing participants from a wider context. We are delighted that ‘Make Good’ is coming to Cliff College again, and to be working together with Martin Lawson and team, and also in collaboration with the Methodist Pioneering Pathways.

This is a course which brilliantly engages with people and their ideas, and moves them from ‘thinking’ to ‘doing’.  Encouraging participants to build from what they’re passionate about, equipping them with a set of tools for the journey, and helping them find resources and partners as they answer the question “What does good look like in my context?” It’s always a real privilege to be able to journey alongside participants as they process how they can creatively and entrepreneurially innovate in ways that offer hope and impact to their communities and situations’. Martin Lawson, Course Leader; Make Good


‘Make Good is all about breathing life in to people’s passionate ideas for social change. It is a privilege to journey with them through the course and beyond, and to see their projects take off and have a real impact in the world. We are thrilled to again be supporting ‘Make Good’ at Cliff College’. Steve Baker, Entrepreneur & Make Good partner, Pickwell Foundation


‘This is an excellent course, that has already proved itself across the country, and we are grateful to be able to offer it here again at Cliff College. It will allow pioneers and other creative entrepreneurs in the church the opportunity to explore strategic ways forward for expanding their ‘Big Idea’, and making significant impact into their community. It was one of the most creative mission courses we ran at Cliff this year, so we excited to see the course repeated again in 2020′. Ian White, Programme Leader, Short Courses, Cliff College


What previous attendees have said about the ‘Make Good’ course

‘Life changing, brilliant, dynamic, great networking, a place where dreams come to life’, ‘It was a great week helping me think about what we do in both the general and the specific. A really practical module, well presented, with great people. You really pushed us to wrestle with what we are doing and why – and how to make it happen. The content and process was superb – and being away created space to think about it so that when I returned home I could immediately put stuff into action. I can’t say it loudly enough how valuable it was’.

And some individuals whose ‘Big Idea’ got even bigger!

‘Best course I’ve ever done, helped me to think really clearly about the missional dimension of YEAST Scrapstore which I was starting at the time – now we are a charity which owns our own building and are gathering all sorts of people around us through being intentionally missionary whilst not being churchy’. Diana Greenfield

‘After attending the course, I was able to kick start Space To Breathe, which has since become a community interest company. The course gave me everything I needed to get started and the inspiration to adapt and shape my ideas into something real. I couldn’t have got started without it’. Andy Freeman

‘It was great experience for me. I found out how entrepreneurship and mission work together for Kingdom of God through the programme!’ Hong-Il Kim (Ambros Kim)

Course Details

The course is intended for those, lay or ordained, who are involved in pioneer ministry, and seeking to explore news ways of engaging with communities through creative entrepreneurship. You will need to come with a ‘Big Idea’ to share and explore. Guidance will be given about this as we prepare for the ‘Make Good’ week. Participants can also gain a Cliff College Certificate in Missional Entrepreneurship.

 What you can expect on the missional entrepreneurship week: 

It takes your idea, that could be both transformational and marketable as an income generating product or service, and helps you develop it into a social enterprise. You will be given practical advice on writing a mission statement, devising a strategy for implementing your innovation, how you can effectively and appropriately evaluate success and the options available for securing funding to turn your dream into reality.

There will also be inspiring stories of Christians who have already turned their missional activities into successful enterprises and lots of opportunities to engage with God and share your hopes and struggles with other pioneers. The week culminates in pitching to a panel of entrepreneurs and funders who might be persuaded there and then to inject start up cash into your initiative!

The Make Good course covers issues such as:

  1. “Mission Possible” – an introduction to design thinking
  2. “What’s the big idea” – sharing and developing each participant’s ‘Big idea’, working out how the big idea does good
  3. “Building from Passion” – articulating your passion and vision, along with understanding the complexities of social change, and the dynamics of their particular problem
  4. “Working with others” – who should be on the journey with them, what skills are needed, understanding leadership styles
  5. “Managing resources” – developing realistic expectations and ideas of what is needed
  6. “How do you know you are doing good” – understanding measuring impact for social purpose organisations

A Cliff College Certificate in Missional Entrepreneurship is awarded for attendance on the week long course and the submission following the course of an academic assessment that achieves a pass mark. Support is given in the production of the assessment, which has various options, and is directly applicable to the teaching received during the week. Successful students will be invited to the Cliff College Graduation ceremony.

Here is some of the student feedback from our linked Pioneering course based here at Cliff College: ‘It was perfectly relevant to the life of a pioneer and I was left feeling affirmed’, ‘Well balanced and organised, with inspirational leadership’, ‘I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and gained a great deal of insight both personally and theologically’, ‘I have had a wonderful inspiring and thought provoking week’, ‘A good rhythm and pace with useful areas covered in a very helpful learning environment’, ‘I was met exactly “where I’m at “ with relevant, balanced content, both practical and stretching’, ‘A feast of usefulness and lots to chew on!’, ‘Felt fed spiritually and intellectually’, ‘Excellent venue which aided learning’.


Cliff College Certificate in Missional Entrepreneurship: Monday 11th- Friday 15th May 2020

The cost of each teaching week is £435.00, and includes all teaching materials, tutorial support, board and accommodation in single en-suite rooms.

A non-refundable deposit of £75 secures your place and is payable on your acceptance of the place offered. The balance should be paid on arrival, or before.

There is a limit of 20 participants, so book early!

For bookings or more details contact the College: shortcourse@cliffcollege.ac.uk    01246 584203

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Call: +44 (0) 1246 584200


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