Certificate in Administrative Ministry

A course which has application for churches all across the country. With thousands of volunteers, and hundreds of paid workers employed in the important administration of the church, the Certificate in Administrative Ministry is a course for you! Designed for administrators and those who hold similar roles within the Church, this Certificate in Administrative Ministry is a week-long course exploring this important area of ministry. The course seeks to support the essential work and ministry of administration in our church life, and leave the student with new skills and resources. Why not join this popular course, which is limited to 20 students.

We are excited to be working in partnership with the Methodist Learning Network in the delivery of this course for church administrators, which is especially focussed on those working in a Methodist Church context.

Course Details

The week is delivered via input, workshops and conversation, and has practical as well as theoretical elements. The aim is to enable administrative workers to reflect on their practice, as well as learn new skills.

Subject areas include:

  • Biblical and contemporary reflections on what it means to be called to administrative roles
  • The importance of administration as a pastoral as well as technical role
  • How to foster good and mutually beneficial working relationships
  • The well-being, wholeness and health of a “layworker”
  • Skills and tools of the “administrative” trade – practical approaches and ideas for working effectively
  • Understanding the Methodist Church context
  • Sharing best practice


These subject areas are part of the course in direct response to consultation with those holding administrative roles in the Church. The week would be ideal for practitioners and those wanting greater knowledge about this area of ministry, whether they be employed or volunteers.

This is an important addition to our range of courses, bringing together some of the key threads in this particular area of mission and ministry. We again look forward to working with both practitioners and thinkers in this subject, and welcome the opportunity to work alongside Jane Bingham, and key contributors from across British Methodism.”Ian White; Programme Leader; Vocational Ministry Courses, Cliff College.

This course is a direct response to those impacted by the changing landscape of administration in churches across the UK.  It promises to be an invaluable time for all those engaged in this ministry and offers an opportunity for us to unpack key aspects of our roles and the work we do. We are delighted to be working alongside colleagues at Cliff College.” Jane Bingham, Learning & Development Coordinator – East Central, The Methodist Church.

Participants gain a Cliff College Certificate by completing the required assessment work following the teaching week. Successful students will be invited to the Cliff College graduation ceremony.

Student testimony

Students asking for this course say: “It would be good to share more often about this particular kind of work.  It can be quite an isolated role and it is good to exchange ideas and learn with others”.

A Circuit Administrative Assistant wrote this after the last course: “I recently attended a Short Course at Cliff College to do a Certificate in Administrative Ministry running from Monday to Friday. This was the first time Cliff had run this course, with the hope of running it again in the future.

During the week we had numerous opportunities to share our best practices and as someone who works in an isolated environment I found it refreshing and encouraging. At the start of the week I felt like I was an Administrator led to do God’s work but like the rest of the world didn’t see me the same. By the end of the week I left feeling empowered as a Minister of God and eager to share this with all those I come into contact with whilst working and also personally.

The course content and level of group participation, theology, practical work and support were pitched perfectly for those attending. At the commencement of the week we worked in groups to look at challenges we faced and also the positive elements of our roles. The tutors then looked at the timetable for the week and personalised elements of it to incorporate issues we had brought up from our group work; this helped to make the week feel personal to us.

One of the key factors for me was the openness and honesty each of the students displayed about the positive and negative experiences of their roles. I felt that we developed a special bond by the end of the week which has continued since we left; we have created a Facebook Group page and shared our contact details. This support has been extremely valuable whilst working our assignments, especially when someone has needed a little encouragement. I found the idea of doing an assignment very daunting and admittedly did put if off for quite a while but once I got started I felt more confident and am glad to say I have completed it all.

I have personally found the course to be eye opening and my relationship with God has grown ever stronger since. As someone who didn’t go to College or University there were elements of the week that I was feeling anxious about prior to going; by the end of the week I had enjoyed my time here so much I even signed up for another course in the Summer!

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who works in Administration in a Christian environment, you will hopefully come away feeling like a Minister for God and be equipped with all the tools to let others see you in this light too.”

Students say of the Short Course certificate programme: “It was all totally invaluable and I wouldn’t change a thing” ,“Informative, challenging, reflective, resourcing, encouraging, enabling and empowering”, “It will be hard to hold me back on things I will do!  I need to go back, reflect, pray, discern the next steps.  But as a ‘way of doing and being’, it’s been brilliant to take that away.” 


Cliff College Certificate in Administrative Ministry: Mon 10th-Fri 14th February 2020

The cost of £435.00 includes all teaching materials, tutorial support, board and accommodation in single en suite rooms.

The Methodist Church is offering a bursary to the value of £100 for each Methodist participant. This can be obtained on request within the application form, and would need to be supported by your Church leader acting as your referee.

A non refundable deposit of £75.00 secures your place and is payable on your acceptance of the place offered. The balance of fees should be paid on arrival or before. 

For booking or more details contact: shortcourse@cliffcollege.ac.uk  / 01246 584203

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