Certificate in Parenting for Faith

A new course for 2020! In partnership with BRF.

What is it to share Christian faith within the family? How can we better parent the children of our communities to grow in God, or as adults accompany children on the Christian journey?  What can it mean for the church to support a family and have effective input into young people’s lives? How can we develop confidence in parents around prayer and the sharing of the Bible story?

The new Certificate in Parenting for Faith course is offered in summer 2020, and is a week-long course designed to stretch, inform and inspire as those questions are explored.  Designed for those working in a professional or voluntary capacity with children, young people and families in churches, this course will equip you to successfully support parents and carers as they disciple their children and explore what parenting for faith might look like in your church and community. Is the Certificate in Parenting for Faith course for you or someone in your team?

Cliff College is delighted to be working with our partners BRF on this new Short Course Certificate course, under the course leadership of Becky Sedgwick, BRF’s Local Parenting for Faith Coordinator. We look forward to welcoming Rachel Turner, Parenting for Faith Pioneer as one of the teaching team.

There are only 30 places available on this course, so book early!


Parenting for Faith

Parenting for Faith has been a part of BRF’s children’s and family ministry since 2016. Its vision is to see children of all ages recognise and connect to God in everyday life, so that they develop their own real, vibrant relationship with him.

Parenting for Faith believes that the best people to nurture children’s spiritual development are those God has already placed in their lives:  parents, grandparents and other family members, carers and any other Christians working with children, and the church’s role is to be a community that supports them as a family, equips them to succeed and cheers them on the journey.

Parenting for Faith exists to support parents and carers as they discover their own best ways to parent for faith, and to equip and inspire the church communities that surround and love them.

For those who want to grow in confidence and skills, making a real difference to children’s faith and to family life, Parenting for Faith has a lot to offer.

Course feedback: ‘My wife and I came into the course open and willing to learn new methods to help our children find Jesus on their own terms. This course really delivered.’ ‘Doing the course was life changing in terms of my parenting and it was amazing as a pastor to see significant changes happening in the lives of the participants’.

Becky Sedgwick, Course Leader

Becky is mum to a grown up daughter, and for ten years was a children and families pastor working in a local church. She now works for Parenting for Faith, supporting churches as they run the course and as they discover and develop ways to support parents and carers in their community.



Course Details

Hosted by Ian White, Senior Tutor and Short Course Programme Leader, the course is led by Becky Sedgwick and the Parenting for Faith team, with contributions from the Cliff College Faculty, and other expert adjuncts. There is time for personal reflection and social space, as well as teaching delivered via lectures, seminars and workshops with practical as well as theoretical applications. The course aims to enable new learning and provide the student with skills and resources for both individual and church application.

Subject areas include:

  • The current crisis in spiritual parenting
  • An overview of Parenting for Faith and its five key tools
  • Skills and values you need to successfully support your families
  • Parenting for Faith in children’s and youth work and intergenerational spaces
  • Working with your church and planning your next steps


This course will help people working with children, youth and families in their churches and communities learn how to position themselves for maximum impact, develop foundational values and practices to operate out of, and establish practical steps to shape a culture where parenting for faith can flourish.


‘We are delighted to be working with our partner BRF on this new course, which explores the role that parents, guardians and significant adults have in the lives of children, and  points to skills and resources that can help them better shape faith in the lives of children. A great course to add to our portfolio of courses around children, youth and family work.’Ian White; Programme Leader; Short Course Programme, Cliff College.

Students say of the Short Course certificate programme: “It was all totally invaluable and I wouldn’t change a thing.” “Informative, challenging, reflective, resourcing, encouraging, enabling and empowering.” “It will be hard to hold me back on things I will do!  I need to go back, reflect, pray, discern the next steps.  But as a ‘way of doing and being’, it’s been brilliant to take that away.”

Participants gain a Cliff College Certificate by completing the required assessment work following the teaching week. Successful students will be invited to the Cliff College graduation ceremony. Students can choose not to do the assessment work by ‘auditing’ the course.


Cliff College Certificate in Parenting for Faith: Monday 1st – Friday 5th June 2020

The cost of £435.00  includes all teaching materials, tutorial support, board and accommodation in single en suite rooms.

A non refundable deposit of £75.00 secures your place and is payable on your acceptance of the place offered. The balance of fees should be paid on arrival or before. 

For booking or more details contact: shortcourse@cliffcollege.ac.uk  / 01246 584203

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Call: +44 (0) 1246 584200


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