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Cliff College Diploma courses are designed to allow a student to explore a theme in greater depth than a day, mid week, weekend course or Certificate course could allow. Cliff College Diplomas vary in style, with some running across a year of internship off-site, with Cliff College support, and others requiring attendance at a number of intensive teaching weeks based at the college.  We seek to develop Cliff College Diplomas with partner organisations with established Christian ministries, and as such the application process (which includes the taking of references) is a shared process.

The teaching delivery and programme depends on the nature and venue of the partner organisation. A Cliff College Diploma can be obtained by course attendance and the submission of required pieces of academic assessment which achieves a pass mark. This is all explained through the course documentation and by the Course Leadership, which is shared between Cliff College and the partner organisation. Successful students receive their Cliff College Diploma and are invited to the official College Graduation day. Cliff College Diplomas are recognised as theological qualifications, and are useful as APEL qualifications onto the validated courses that the College offers.

Overseas guests are invited to explore our Cliff College Diploma programme, although not every diploma is applicable to overseas settings, and this would need to be discussed with the Administrator. Attenders from overseas would need to carry a valid student visitor visa if wishing to take the assessed, rather than the audit option.

We are again delighted to be working together with The Message Academy, Manchester in the coming academic year on an amazing Cliff College Diploma in Mission and Evangelism course. See courses on the side bar for more details.

Audit – taking a Diploma course for interest

It is possible to attend some of the Diploma courses just for interest (that is , to “audit” a course). An audit student can enjoy the input of the lectures and discussions etc without the pressure of submitting the work, but will not be awarded the certificate at the end of the course. For some wanting to explore study again, or not wanting to produce an assignment, this can be a way forward, and many have used this as an opportunity for spiritual refreshment and retreat, as well as new learning. There are no reductions in cost for those taking this option, and the application process is the same. 

Gain credit towards a degree

Depending on the subject area, your Cliff College Short Course Diploma may also enable you to gain credit towards a University of Manchester certificate, diploma or degree at Cliff College. Usually, a short course diploma will gain you 10-20 credits towards a validated qualification. It would mean, for instance, that instead of studying 120 credits in the first year of a degree, you only study 100-110. The awarding of credit in this way is not automatic, and must be applied for. If you would like further guidance on whether your Cliff College Short Course Diploma may contribute towards a University of Manchester qualification at Cliff College then contact the Academic Director, Dr Justin Thacker on 

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