WLP in a Year

Are you looking to train as a Methodist Local Preacher in the Methodist Church? Wanting to complete your studies in a year? Then the  Worship: Leading & Preaching in a Year scheme here at Cliff College is designed for you.  This could be the opportunity you have been waiting for! Open to all aged 18 yrs +.

WLP in a Year student testimonies

These are just a few of the responses from students currently on the WLP in a Year scheme:

  • ‘A breath of fresh air. An opportunity to engage with others from very different contexts and journey together. The quality of teaching and exceptional experience provided by the tutors has been fantastic. A brilliant learning experience and opportunity to grow my faith and skills’ (Bev)
  • ‘This is a brilliant course in so many ways: the relevant resources, the flexibility, the fellowship and the opportunity to grow in God and be equipped with the practical skills and theological knowledge to respond to and develop my calling. The study weekends are invaluable. Yes, it is an ambitious undertaking to complete this course in a year, but with God’s grace and strength I’ll get there!’ (Julia)
  • ‘Be prepared to grow in the Spirit’ (Graham)
  • ‘Absorbing, challenging and creative are some of the words I would use to describe this course so far. Encountering God for myself, in daily life, in church, as well as praying, theology and reflective practice are just some of the topics I have studied so far. They are already shaping the way I preach and prepare sermons. I have been creatively inspired to be a local preacher for for the future!’ (Paulette)


WLP in a Year

The Worship: Leading & Preaching in a Year scheme is designed specifically for those wishing to become Local Preachers in the Methodist Church. The scheme allows students to complete the ‘Explore’ sessions of all eight modules of the WLP course in a structured way within one year. This is based around five residential schools (3 weekends and 2 weeks) at Cliff College.  Between these times together students engage with the extensive online self-study resources. They need the active support of their local circuit, including a local tutor and mentor, and the required opportunities to preach and lead worship whilst on note and on trial.

Participant students need to be disciplined and self motivated, prepared to work independently, and to have a good working relationship with their local circuits who are a key part of their training. They will need to be registered as Local Preachers in training with the Connexional Local Preachers office of the Methodist Church, attend all teaching on site at Cliff College, and have the ability to make full payment to the college. The downloadable ‘WLP in a Year timetable 2020-21’ should be read carefully before considering WLP in a Year – but could this be the opportunity you have been looking for as you look to serve God through the Methodist Church as a Local Preacher and achieve your focussed training in a year?

WLP in a Year teaching

The WLP in a Year teaching is delivered by a team from the Learning Network of the Methodist Church, and headed up by the Course Leader Bob Bartindale, Officer for Worship and Local Preachers in the Methodist Church. Deacon David Hunt, Chaplain at Cliff College acts as the Course Host.

During the residential weekends and weeks, sessions will be based around the “Explore” material in the Worship: Leading & Preaching course, and will assume that students have completed the “Prepare” sections prior to the gatherings.  Opportunities for discussion about building portfolios and other aspects of the course will also be available, and we will share worship and fellowship together.  The WLP weekends, and also the larger gatherings at the WLP Spring and WLP Summer Schools are a great opportunity to meet with others from around the country who are also in training.

2019-20 Dates

  Students will need to attend all the following dates:

  • 27-29 September 2019 – Induction weekend
  • 22-24 November 2019 – Modules 1 & 2 weekend
  • 17-19 January 2020 – Modules 3 & 4 weekend
  • 23-27 March 2020 – Modules 5 & 6 week (WLP Spring School)
  • 3-7 August 2020 – Modules 7 & 8 week (WLP Summer School)

Looking ahead: 2020-21 Dates

  Students will need to attend all the following dates:

  • 25-27 September 2020 – Induction weekend
  • 20-22 November 2020 – Modules 1 & 2
  • 15-17 January 2021 – Modules 3 & 4
  • 22-26 March 2021 – Modules 5 & 6 (WLP Spring School)
  • 2-6 August 2021 – Modules 7 & 8 (WLP Summer School)


Costs for the WLP in a Year 2020-21 are £1,275.00. This includes all teaching & materials, meals, refreshments and accommodation in single study en-suite accommodation for the three WLP weekends, and the WLP Spring and WLP Summer School weeks.  This inclusive price is a special reduced price for the WLP in a Year scheme. We are grateful to The Methodist Church for subsidizing part of the overall cost of this key training.

A non refundable deposit of £150.00 following a successful application secures your place on the WLP in a Year scheme. The balance of costs will be invoiced prior to the start of the academic year, for either full payment at the start of the year, or via three instalments of £375.00 (mid-September, mid-January, mid-May). Individual payment arrangements can be discussed with the Cliff College Finance department (g.jones@cliffcollege.ac.uk) should monies be coming via other funds (church/circuit etc).

Wanting to know more or have a course related question? Then contact Deacon David Hunt on 01246 584226 / chaplain@cliffcollege.ac.uk

Ready to book now? Return the downloadable WLP in a Year booking form by email to wlp@cliffcollege.ac.uk, or by post to WLP Administrator, Cliff College, Calver, Hope Valley S32 3XG. Please contact the college on 01246 584221 if you have any further administrative questions.

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