Diploma in Mission and Ministry

The Diploma offers students who have successfully obtained their Certificate in Higher Education to continue to study in more depth. Once again the qualification is delivered full-time over one year or part-time over two years through intensive residential teaching weeks. Parts of the course are taught with all streams together in order for students to gain a better understanding of wider issues in mission and ministry, but specialist delivery, learning and assessment remains a key part of the student experience. There specialisms in children, youth and family ministries are threaded throughout the course. Students are supported by a personal tutor and are encouraged to reflect more deeply on their ongoing practice in mission and ministry. Units include:

  • Biblical theology and context
  • Discipleship and discipling
  • Contemporary culture
  • Mission frameworks and perspectives
  • Developing mission and ministry in context.

Course details

Biblical theology and context* (20 credits)

This unit introduces students to methodologies for engaging with biblical texts and traditional proposals for biblical theology in relation to a variety of vocational contexts.

Contemporary culture* (20 credits)

This unit gives students the opportunity to explore in greater depth the frameworks, issues and nuanced understandings of the cultural contexts in which they work.

Discipleship and discipling* (20 credits)

This unit gives students the opportunity to explore historic and contemporary models of Christian formation in more depth and consider the impact that this has on their roles as facilitators on discipleship in the contexts of their mission and ministry.

Preaching in context (10 credits)

This unit will help students to prepare and deliver sermons in their missional context. To this end, the unit will involve the theological and practical exploration of the role of preaching in the 21st century. It will enable students to consider the biblical foundations of preaching, key aspects of sermon preparation and delivery, and the relationship of sermons to their missional context.

Developing mission and ministry (20 credits)

This unit gives students the opportunity to develop mission and ministry practice commenced during the Level 4 Applied Practice Unit.  This will be done through observation, reflection and action in their own and other contexts. Students will develop their reflective skills in analysing their own practice and that of others, and demonstrate the ability to use best practice in their chosen field or context.

A contextual reading of Luke (20 credits)

This unit is normally delivered in the Middle East, and seeks to give students an understanding of reading Scripture shaped by context. It encourages engagement with themes that emerge from that context related to areas such as theology, ecclesiology, politics and others, and uses the Gospel of Luke as a framework.

Performance and presentation (intermediate) (20 credits)

This unit gives students the opportunity to further develop their performance and presentation skills and management of self as a professional.

Pastoral care (10 credits)

This unit gives students the opportunity to explore pastoral theology and the theology and practice of pastoral care.

Personal and professional development (intermediate) (20 credits)

This unit will build on introductions made to leadership and team building skills at Level 4, and develop the student’s ability to manage their practice and personal development.

Mission frameworks and perspectives (20 credits)

This unit gives students the opportunity to study Christian mission and missiological issues in a variety of contexts, in more depth, through the exploration of biblical perspectives, theological frameworks, and missiological models.

*These are core units which run every year.

You need 120 credits to complete the level. If you are part-time, you will need to attend one teaching week a semester over two years. If you are full-time, you will need to attend six teaching weeks over the course of one year.

Cliff College reserves the right to offer alternative options to those listed here, according to availability.

What do Diploma students say?

‘The course is transforming my thinking – and as a result my practice.’

‘The Diploma is building on all I learnt on the Certificate, and allowing me to discuss my specialism with a wider group of students.'”

‘The support from staff has been amazing.’

Employment opportunities

Students completing their Diploma in Mission and Ministry could be employed by churches in a voluntary or paid capacity as a mission and/or ministry worker in their specialist field (children, youth, family). They will have had specific input into issues facing their particular area of expertise, as well as leadership and supervision training.

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