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Global Partnerships 3

MA Mission (Mission and Global Justice (GM))

MA, Diploma and Certificate (full or part time)

We live in a complex, globalised world in which cultures and nations are connected in ways that have never been seen before. This reality has numerous implications for how Christian mission is imagined and practiced. This pathway engages with some of the key missiological shifts that have occurred in this globalised world. It will cover themes such as the kingdom of God, contextualisation, post-colonialism, international development, global poverty, cross-cultural church planting.

There are three main units of study which cover a range of themes:

GM1: Missiology, Inculturation, and the Kingdom

Main themes include:

  • holistic mission including evangelism, social care and the struggle for justice
  • Missio Dei and the gospel
  • history of mission
  • global perspectives
  • mission and liberation
  • holiness and mission
  • the Kingdom of God.

GM2: Mission and Global Justice

Main themes include:

  • globalisation and its impact on mission
  • Christian and secular critiques of consumerism
  • environmental change, eco-theology and mission
  • historical and contemporary examples of simple living
  • international development and justice issues.

GM3: Cross-cultural Mission

Main themes include:

  • exploring the biblical understanding of cross-cultural mission
  • understanding the historical controversies of cross-cultural mission, focusing particularly on the past 100 years
  • theories of cultural intelligence and cultural theory
  • current theological understanding of cross-cultural mission
  • developing local theologies and practice
  • the nomenclature and role of ‘mission partner’
  • theologies of ‘mission partner’
  • reflection on current practice and case studies
  • cross-cultural mission within the home country context
  • cross-cultural mission in a multi-faith context

Students who successfully complete two of these units will obtain a Postgraduate Certificate in Mission (Mission and Global Justice). Students wishing to obtain a Postgraduate Diploma or MA in Mission (Mission and Global Justice) may take two or three of these units and any one or two other units from the programme, plus a dissertation for the MA.