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FESTIVAL 2015 - Book soon or miss out!

Festival is now flying towards us, so if you want to book, you'll need to be quick! Indoor accomodation is almost all sold out and camping plots are filling up fast. Don't forget that you can still travel to us on each day even if you're not staying on site, and if you want to do that you can order your wristbands now and avoid the queues on the day! Wristbands are free for children and youth aged 15 and under, and are £12 per day for everyone else, or just £30 for the whole weekend.

Wristbands 2015


Festival 2015 - Booking now open!

The booking form is now available to download. Please use this to book either indoor accommodation or a camping plot. Please note that indoor accommodation is limited, and we operate on a first come, first served basis. The camping plots vary in size – see form for details.

For any booking enquiries, please either phone the main reception on 01246 584200, or email


Festival 2015 - 'All'

Jesus Christ. Either he’s good news for all or he’s not good news at all. Got your attention?  Read on.

The title of Festival 2015 (May 22-25) is simply ‘All’. A short, simple but arguably world-changing word. A word that demands attention, challenges division and anticipates inclusion. It’s a word that sits at the heart of Cliff College’s belief, as expressed in the College motto, ‘Christ for all; all for Christ’. It’s a word that shapes the apostle Paul’s vision of Christian community: ‘There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus’ (Galatians 3:28). It’s a word that speaks to us today when the world is increasingly scarred by division and when the church struggles to communicate good news to all members of society, whether they are like us or not. As we look at the decreasing impact that the church has on children and young people, the lack of understanding of how to be good neighbours to those who come from different faiths and cultures to many of us, the challenge to pilgrimage together in our understanding of same sex relationships, the priority of supporting those who have not had the same opportunities as us in terms of education or work or housing, the theme of ‘All’ gives us an opportunity to pay attention to the pressing (but sometimes tricky) issue of living missionally as a widely-welcoming community.

Festival 2015 will help us explore what it means to be a Church shaped by God’s mission – that is, a church which demonstrates genuine community and is radically open to all as an expression of God’s grace and welcome. The Bible Studies, led by Dr Justin Thacker (Public and Practical Theology, Cliff College), will explore general themes about inclusion such as forgiveness, risk taking and where the boundaries (if any) lie. Members of the Methodist Learning Network will contribute to the event, making it increasingly an event that helps the whole church to be a discipleship movement shaped for mission. There will also be guests from other backgrounds too, as well as a fantastic programme of activities for all ages.


Festival 2014 - What a weekend!

We have had so much great feedback about this year's Festival - if you weren't able to join us this year, we hope you will consider it for next year (22-25 May 2015). You can see highlights on our YouTube channel (search for Cliff Festival TV on YouTube) and there is lots on our Facebook page - search for Clifffest (not Clifffest14).

Click here for some highlights right now!

We've already started planning for 2015 and there is so much to look forward to. Do email Cathi at to be included in the monthly e-news.


Festival 2014 - Thank you!

A massive thank you to anyone who came along to Festival 2014! We think the event was a great success, and even the wet weather didn't manage to dampen many spirits. Thank you too, to the team of staff, students and volunteers who made the event possible. Finally, but most importantly, we give thanks and praise to God, who has been at work in so many people throughout this event.

We will be posting a full review on here very soon, as well as some photos of highlights, but if you're eager for more now, why not hop over to our YouTube page ( ) and watch some of the videos recorded over the weekend. There are interviews with contributors, songs and storytelling, plus other interesting clips, including a discussion with some of the Festival leadership team. 

So - more to follow from this year, an much more to follow next year at Festival 2015!

Festival? What’s that?

We are so glad that Festival is loved by those who come that many keep on coming year after year! But we're perhaps even more delighted when we are discovered for the first time by people who have never been before. Maybe that's you! And here you are, on the Festival webpage, trying to find out what the Festival weekend is all about - well, relax, you've come to the right place.

Festival is a Friday evening to Monday evening event focussed around God's amazing love and the Bible, which has been running for years - but has undergone a series of exciting developments over recent times. Our vision is to encourage and equip the church - from the youngest to the oldest - for loving and serving God more effectively. Ever year we take a theme, and this year it is ‘Sharper - God's word for todays world'. We're looking at the Bible in three different ways:


Saturday: ‘Living: God's word in our lives' 
- exploring how when we come to the Bible, we find something which is alive and breathes life into us.

Sunday: ‘Active: God's word in mission'
- exploring how when we read the Bible, we are equipped and commissioned to partner in God's mission.

Monday: ‘Sharper: God's word in the world' 
- exploring how the Bible is not only a book for the Church, or for believers, but needs to be allowed to shape culture, society and the places where we live.


Sounds exciting? We hope so. We've got together an amazing team to help us explore the theme, and we feel sure that you'll enjoy your time with us should you decide to come - whether its for the day or the weekend (or even just for a couple of hours!). Over the weekend the following people will be part of our team:

John Grayston from Scripture Union will be leading the Bible Study for the adults and Lindsay Bruce for the youth. As well as this there will be a new and innovative style of Bible engagement led by friends from Walk Thru the Bible ministries. In terms of Big Tent speakers we have Stephen Skuce, Gavin Calver, Helen Cameron, Kate Coleman; for the Pulse there are: Georgia Hoskin, Dave Newton, Joel Payne and Lindsay Bruce. Music and laughter will be provided by the Sheffield Gospel Community Choir, Tony Vino, Sounds of Salvation, Pete James, DJ Kubiks and Benny Lee. We're also glad to be featuring Riding Lights, Adventure Plus and the Methodist Youth Brass Band. There will be worship experiences from as far apart as Spring Harvest and Taize, a Funky Sunday All Age celebration and a marketplace that brings together some fantastic resources for your own life and witness where you live.


Prices are great too - free admission for those aged 18 or less, and only £10 per day or £20 for the whole weekend for those over 18. If you wish to stay with us then camping is available at great prices too (see booking form for more info), or simply come for a day. We should also point out that if you only come to the evening worship then there is no charge at all, though you will be given an opportunity to give in support to the work.


So - what's Festival? It's simply a great weekend for Christians and their friends - that might just change your life! We hope to see you this year!


Festival booking form 2014

The booking form for 2014 is now available! Please click on the link on the left to download the form and book your camping space. Fill it in and return it either by email ( or by post to the usual Cliff College address. Prices range from £50 for a 2-person tent to £100 for a 6+-person tent, excluding entrance fee (and good weather). And remember - entrance for under-18s is absolutely free. Book now while spaces are still available!


December 2013

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Ho, ho, ho…pe you’re looking forward to Cliff Festival (23-26 May 2014) as we are! As a Christmas present to you, we’ve uploaded the brand new promo today, and we hope that you’ll enjoy it, and find ways of sharing it once the nativity plays have been performed, the shepherded  tea-towels put away, and the table cloths put back to their proper use after adorning small puzzled looking angels.

As always we would like to tell you a little about our new ideas for 2014… so - we’re welcoming a street artist who has been changing the face of Manchester for some time with his thought provoking and biblically inspired posters…considering kazoo and whistling worship (you heard it here first – it’ll be the next big thing at New Wine once we’ve done it), and also are glad to be confirming some brain-stimulating seminar titles with our in-house team of lecturers. There may also be a ‘sports day’ with egg and spoon and sack races (that’s two different types of race, not one involving an egg, a spoon and a sack) and there will be two new Treasure Hunts to keep the super sleuths amongst you entertained.

In the meantime, do watch the new promo video, think of us in our tinsel-festooned Festival tree house as you pull  a cracker, and have yourself a merry little Christmas.

The Festival sleigh team

November 2013

Hello Festival friends!

As we write Festival is still 194 days away (23-26 May 2014), but there is lots happening in the Festival treehouse already! We're so glad you are reading this email, and hope that you'll share it with your friends. And if you are reading it because someone else has forwarded it to you, then please email us ( so we can add your address and send it to you directly next month.

Although there are 194 days to Festival, there are only 44 to Christmas! 'Why is this relevant?' we hear you cry. Simply because if you book and pay before Christmas you will be charged at 2013 prices for accommodation! So get in touch with our booking team via and we'll be glad to take your booking. 

Before we tell you some of the new developments for Festival next year, we'd like to ask you a few questions. First of all, with the theme being 'Sharper: God's word for today's world', what seminars would you like to see on the programme? How can we use our brilliant team of biblical scholars to best advantage to help you in your own walk with God?

A second question regards our new youth stream for the Y7-9s. We have several possible names for this group - and we'd like you to tell us your favourite please - or make your own suggestions. Here's the possibles: Detonate, Radiate, 4U, Resonate, Ignite, N:gage. 

So... onto news of what we've been up to since last month. We're excited to tell you that we'll be enjoying the brilliant storytelling of Bob Hartman at Festival 2014. Bob is author of the Lion Storytellers Bible, and a popular contributor at Spring Harvest, New Wine etc. Piers (our Festival director) has enjoyed working with Bob over the last few years developing the SU Holiday Club DVD, and is sure that the all-age Cliff crowd will love Bob's style, humour and approach to scripture. 

We've also confirmed Adventure Plus will be with us again next year. This is the brilliant group that brought us the climbing tower and the mountain bike challenge in recent years. The tower will be back next year - and this time the opportunity to have a go at archery and practise your circus skills! We look forward to the team being with us once again.

Festival fun will also mean the possibility of taking part in our Strictly Come Salsa event! We've got a leading dance teacher coming, and she'll be giving an opportunity to learn, laugh and take part in a fun activity for all ages. Sounds like fun!

Festival is not only about entertainment of course - in fact it is principally about being equipped for serving God in the places we all live. And once again, the Bible takes central place in this aim. We're glad that Lindsay Bruce, who preached so powerfully in the Pulse last year will be leading the youth Bible Studies in 2014. Lindsay works for the charity A Way Out - an outreach and prevention charity, specialised in engaging vulnerable and hard to reach women and young people, using creative and innovative approaches to educate, support and empower them to live safe, healthy and whole lives. We're so glad to welcome Lindsay once again.

If you've been to Festival before you'll know that we value our volunteers, without whom Festival couldn't happen. If you'd like to join the team, please email us for more information ( And as always, for more news of what is going at Cliff, please see our website:

And finally... we have a logo - at the top of the page... Let us know what you think!

Time to go - thanks for reading. Don't forget to share the news, book for Festival as soon as you can, and pray for us as we continue to prepare for next year!

With smiles, love and best wishes,

The Festival crew

October 2013

Hello Festival friends!

This is the latest e-news from Cliff College Festival, where we are working hard to make 2014 the best ever Festival! We hope you are planning to book your places soon, and to put it in your diary whether you are coming for the whole weekend or just one day. Don’t forget, if you book before Christmas you get both entry and accommodation at last year’s prices. And to entice those of you who live nearby, we’ve introduced a day pass price (£10 per day as opposed to £25 for the full weekend), plus the special arrangement that if you only come to one of the worship events, there is no charge at all! As always those aged 18 and under pay nothing to come to the Festival. Prices for camping are really quite affordable too. We are doing our best to keep costs down, and make it as easy as possible for everyone to enjoy the blessing of being part of Festival. (Just to remind you, the dates for next year are 23-26 May.) If you would like to book your camping space for next year, please phone Reception on 01246 584200.

We’re delighted to say that the list of contributors continues to grow, and recently we’ve been delighted to confirm that worship leader Pete James will be joining us for the Sunday night fringe. Pete is from Sheffield and has led worship at Spring Harvest and New Wine amongst other events, so we are excited about him and his band joining us.

If you are a fan of comedy, you will be pleased to know that we’ve booked Tony Vino! Tony hosts the comedy stream at Greenbelt, and helps us laugh about life, faith and the price of fish (we don’t actually know whether he does this last bit; we just made it up to be funny. Sorry if it wasn’t).

If you were at Festival two years ago, you’ll remember how the band Sounds of Salvation had us all dancing in the late evening fringe programme. Well, they’re back again – so bring your dancing shoes, your best moves and an appetite for some fun.

On our speaking team, we are glad to say that Gavin Calver is confirmed to be with us. Gavin is national leader of Youth for Christ, and we look forward to his message in the Big Tent. We’re also joined by Rev Dr Kate Coleman, as our preacher on the Monday night in the same venue. Kate is founding director of Next Leadership and also Chair of the Evangelical Alliance Council, former president of the Baptist Union of Great Britain (2006/7), and a Baptist Minister. Both Gavin and Kate will bring powerful words for us as we look at our theme – ‘Sharper: God’s word for today’s world’.

For those of you who like a brass band, we’re excited to say that we’ll be joined by the National Methodist Youth Brass Band. With years of experience, this group travel widely giving performances as a way of expressing their faith. We look forward to them being around over the whole weekend.

Something brand new for this year is ‘Kick Start’. This is a way for everyone on site to get together for half an hour in the Big Tent in the morning before Bible Studies and other activities begin. All ages will join together for wake-you-up worship, thrilling theme-setting, brilliant Bible stories and the smell of sausages cooking in a pan (once again we may have made this bit up). We’ll be letting you know more about the line-up for Kick Start in a future e-news, but we’re already excited about who is in the pipe line!

Just before we sign off for now, we want to let you know that there is going to be a new age group in our youth programme. Pulse will continue to offer its high energy, deep impact blend of Bible study, praise and learning – but from now on it will be for Y10 and above. What then for Y7-9, you say? Well, something rather good actually – a brand new, totally cool, utterly funky, wild and wacky programme! With such growth in numbers attending the Pulse recently we’ve had to make this move – but it also gives us opportunity to provide a programme which is tailor-made for this age group. Do help make it a winner by being excited with us and with any young people in the Y7-9 bracket. We’re in the process of thinking of a name for this age group, so if you have a great idea – let us know!

Did you know, you can receive this e-news for Festival 2014 directly into your inbox too! If you would like to receive it directly next month, then please email us ( Simple as that. For other news of all that goes on at Cliff College, please see our website 

Ok – time to go and find some sausages. Feeling rather peckish for some reason.

The Festival planning squad

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Programme for 2013 online now!


So it is here - the programme for Festival 2013! Just click on the PDF document on the left of the page to see all that this year's Festival has in store. You'll find a kaleidoscope of events for every age and taste. The full programme will be available to buy from Reception for £3 + p&p in a couple of weeks. And nice glossy versions of this PDF will be for sale at £1 + p&p too - or you can wait til Festival and buy them then. Now start telling everyone what you're looking forward to most! Don't forget to tweet about it if you are on Twitter. You cand find us @clifffest13.

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