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What our students think of the MA at Cliff College

“Really interesting and challenging” • “Excellent lecturers” • “Accommodation is excellent” • “I appreciate hearing from, and interacting with, key thinkers” • “Rubbing shoulders with leading practitioners of mission” • “Inspiring”•“Great lectures and tutors” • “Unit options are excellent” • “Well stocked library and librarian knows her stuff too” • “Excellent content and knowledgeable tutors” • “I have come to the end of my Cliff studies and am missing it madly.” • “Great support from lecturers and flexibility in the course” • “Wide and flexible range of modules” • “Academic rigour within a deep and authentic Christian tradition” • “Excellent caliber of lecturers” • “Opened my mind” • “I really like the modular nature of the programme” • “Bonding of the group both in and out of lectures” • “Some of the modules were life changing for me” • “Good discussions” • “Rooms are amazing” • “The setting of the college, plus the daily rhythm of prayer, make each visit feel like a spiritual retreat.” • “Fellowship with others”
The MA in Mission is a highly flexible programme which can be studied over one to five years. This means it is ideal both for those pursuing an academic path as well as for those currently involved in mission or ministry who need to juggle their studies with their church/mission commitments. To complete the MA, students must complete four units and then a dissertation in their final year. Validated by The University of Manchester, the MA in Mission has an emphasis on:

  • Pioneer ministry
  • Evangelism
  • Leadership
  • Church
  • Contemporary culture
  • Missional movements
  • Biblical theology
  • Missional spirituality
  • Children and Youth


All units (except those delivered online) are taught in five-day (Mon–Fri) intensive teaching blocks, enabling students from across the British Isles, Europe and beyond to participate while remaining in employment.

It is possible to focus your studies in a particular pathway or to take units from across the programme. The pathways currently available are listed on the left-hand side. The full list of available units is given below (“MA Teaching Blocks”) and we have various standalone units which may be taken in any pathway:

Distance / Online Study Option:

It is also possible to complete the whole MA by distance. This is done by adopting three online units, one independent study unit, plus your dissertation. Contact us for more information.

Possible Exit Awards:

  • Postgraduate Certificate (two units)
  • Postgraduate Diploma (four units).
  • MA in Mission (four units, plus a dissertation)

To view the fees, see Taught Postgraduate Fees page.

For any further information about the postgraduate courses we offer, or to apply, please contact us by phone (01246 584216) or email:

Employment Opportunities:

Students completing a Postgraduate Certificate Mission, Postgraduate Diploma Mission, or MA Mission could be employed by churches in a voluntary or paid capacity to work in various capacities, depending upon their particular module focus, or chosen Pathway. The PGT Programme provides specialist training and expertise to equip students for a variety of areas. Students gain practical, academic, critical, and reflective skills related to mission, ministry, and teaching both within and beyond the church. They will have gained key discursive and communicative skills throughout their training which will enable them to work well within numerous interactive working environments. Furthermore, their writing assessments will have given them the ability to work independently, and to enhance their organisational, critical, and evaluative capacities. These might be applied well within occupations requiring regular administration and writing, such as office environments, but especially in occupations in which a critical reflection upon practice is a regular feature of the job, such as with charity work, mission agencies, churches, and civic authorities. The MA Mission provides a platform not only for the student’s own training towards mission projects but a platform for them to train others. As such, many organisations directly or indirectly involved in mission may see a candidate with an MA Mission as a valuable asset to them for the training and development of future leaders and workers.

MA Teaching Blocks 2017-19

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