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The fees are payable each year and are split into two categories: tuition and accommodation.

Fees for EU-domiciled students for the academic year 2017-18 are:

  • tuition (inc. validation with university of Manchester): £6924
  • accommodation (single en-suite room + meals during term time only): £5095

Fees for international students* for the academic year 2017-18 are:

  • tuition & validation (with university of Manchester): £10,020
  • accommodation (single en-suite room + meals during term time only): £5095

*Students from some countries may qualify for the EU rate; please contact admissions for details.

What do students say? – Rebecca


My time at Cliff has been a time of transformation. I started the BA Theology course having just come out of sixth form and following God’s call to Cliff college. My experience here has been challenging, encouraging and played a massive part in the shaping of my relationship with God. I look back and see how much I have grown spiritually and also gained so much confidence through being given various opportunities both in developing existing talents and new experiences. Both the lectures and community life have played a part in refining my personal theology and shaping me into the person I am today. The experience of studying at Cliff is one of the best experiences of my life and would recommend it to anyone looking for a challenge both academically and spirituality.

What do students say? – Elliot


It’s difficult to go to Cliff without it changing your life. The people were the most amazing. Being around others who had an incredibly wide range of opinions, but who actually took faith seriously and openly talked about it gave me confidence to speak and a positivity I had never experienced before. They showed me how God is actually loving and inspired me to actually want to give my life to following Him, and I first experienced what it actually means to really love who He is. It showed me how it’s more than a matter of intellectual ideas and about a vibrant relationship. I graduated in 2014, and my dream now would be to go into ministry. In the meanwhile, I’ve been inspired to publish my own book, and am working for the Irish charity the Leprosy Mission, trying to support their work helping people affected by leprosy.

Cliff College is an approved partner of The University of Manchester, delivering this programme developed by Cliff College, approved by and leading to an award of the University of Manchester. Units focus on key aspects of the Christian life: Biblical Studies, Theology, Evangelism, Mission and Ministry.

As with many Bachelor of Arts programmes, the BA in Theology is offered over three years.

The First Year/Level 4
The Second Year/Level 5
The Third Year/Level 6

To arrange a visit or for answers to your queries, please contact admissions.

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