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Sandra Fest seminar

Festival 2024 sessions and seminars - Monday

Sessions and seminars on Monday 27 May at Cliff Festival

Monday morning

Bible Study


When the Israelites finally arrived at the Promised Land (the destination they had been praying for) they were afraid to cross the Jordan River and enter it. In our lives, we often get right up to the cusp of a breakthrough, but are afraid to make that final move to realize our dream, or step in to a new reality. But why would we be scared of getting what we want? Well, there is a difference between praying and hoping for something and then actually having to do it! The fear we experience here is the fear of failure. The Israelites saw the challenges in the new land (tall walls, warrior people, giants) and got scared that they didn’t have what it would. We too often fear that we are not strong enough, smart enough, prepared enough or capable enough to make that move into a new reality. In part 3 we will talk about this fear and what happens when we spend all of time preparing and getting ready but are ultimately afraid to just do it.Matt Miofsky

The Hope Stage

Anniversary Celebration
Join us for our Anniversary Celebration with worship, prayer and preaching with Gill Newton. Hosted by Ashley Cooper and Carole Marsden, with worship from Matt Beckingham.The Hope Stage
Rerooted? Responses to Climate Change
In a world of environmental challenges and climate change, it is important that we seek to care for God’s creation and work for climate justice as part of God’s mission and our discipleship. This seminar will offer some Christian responses as well as practical tips for living a Methodist Way of Life in a world of climate change.Action for Hope

Davies Lecture Room
Revival: Where it all began
Join Rev Dr David Hull, outgoing Chair of MET as he shares a hope-filled vision for the future, and we pray together for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Methodist Evangelicals Together

Samuel Chadwick Lecture Room

Rejuvenating a Movement of Transformation


Leslie is deeply convinced that Methodism still has a valuable part to play in God’s mission of spiritual and social transformation in our land. Drawing on themes within his recent book, “Revive Us Again”, Leslie will explore how reclaiming the principles and practices of our ‘founding story’ can re-mission ‘the people called Methodists’ for the 21st century.Leslie Newton

Seminar Room 1

Monday early afternoon

Walk with All We Can
2-3:30pm (approximately)
Join the All We Can team for a guided walk up onto Baslow Edge. Meet outside the Hope and Anchor, bring yourselves, some suitable footwear and water/an umbrella/a scarf (depending on the weather!). All We Can

Hope & Anchor

Discovering TakeTime
Are you looking for ways to help people find faith and deepen their spiritual connection? Come and experience a Taketime meditation and hear the various ways in which Taketime can be used. This seminar shows how Taketime can be transformative and therapeutic, whilst being simple to use.

Clive McKie

Seminar Room 1

We refuse to be enemies

Even before the events of the last few months in Israel and Palestine, the land we still call holy was a land of division, oppression and violence. A small minority of Palestinians Christians still call this land home. David will explore what daily life is like for them in the West Bank and Gaza and share the inspirational stories of peacemakers, from all sides, who refuse to be enemies and live in non-violent resistance to the daily injustice.

David Hardman

Davies Lecture Room

Monday late afternoon

All welcome, whether MET members or not for a time of inspiration, vision and hope as we venture forward with a renewed focus for the future. Methodist Evangelicals Together

Samuel Chadwick Lecture Room

In conversation about rerouting for the climate with Hamish Leese
In the face of climate change, will we let the God story reroute us and offer us hope? Hear stories, ask questions and bring ideas to spark deeper conversations with friends and strangers, with Hamish Leese hosted by Mollie Pugmire.

Hamish Leese

Hope & Anchor

Full Time Christian Service: options without ordination

A look at what it means to be called to full-time Christian service but not called to ordained ministry. How do you start out on the road? What do you need for your journey? What choices are there for service? How do you provide for yourself and make it sustainable? Open to those making career choices for the first time or those of any age who are entering a new season.

Mike Frith, OSCAR

Seminar Room 1

Stepping beyond - daring to wander


A seminar from Peak Wesley Way, led by Neil Harland (Sheffield Methodist District Mission Enabler) and Tom Donoghue. What does it cost for a community to adopt the “off the wall” vision of a single member? Can we afford to ignore the prophets in our pews? Learn how this project has brought new perspectives on what it means to be church in the Peak District, and what we wish someone had warned us before we started on this path. Peak Wesley Way

Davies Lecture Room

Monday evening

Evening celebration
Join us for an evening of worship, prayer and preaching with Kerry Scarlett. Hosted by Ashley Cooper and Carole Marsden and with worship from Matt Beckingham.

The Hope Stage

Late night worship

End Festival 2024 with a time of extended worship, led by Matt Beckingham and the Hope Stage band.

Matt Beckingham

The Hope Stage