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BGC Lecture Fest 19 .2

Festival 2024 sessions and seminars - Saturday

Sessions and seminars on Saturday 25 May at Cliff Festival

Saturday morning

Bible Study


Every change begins with a loss. Even positive, desired changes still require leaving something behind. Before Abraham could follow God he had to “leave home” without knowing where he was going. When Jesus called the disciples to follow, the first thing they had to do was drop their nets and leave their old life behind. In this Bible study, Matt will talk about change requiring a willingness to leave something behind, trusting that God can and will lead us to something better. We will look at the story of the Israelites at the shore of the Red Sea. God is about to answer their prayer for deliverance but they are scared about leaving Egypt, as awful as Egypt was. Matt will talk about the first fear we experience in change, the fear of losing something familiar, comfortable and stable for the prospect of something new.

Matt Miofsky

Hope Stage

Panel: ‘Mapping the journey: Prophets of a future not our own’

Come and listen in as we discuss the way God calls us to usher in the kingdom, and the challenges of that work. A panel hosted by Holly Adams with Kerry Scarlett, Trey Hall and Angela Zamaere Smith.

Hope & Anchor

Turning the Tide


How does the local church make itself warm and welcoming for the seeker, but still remain true to its mission? How can church be relevant in today's society? Join Phil & Brian as they contemplate these questions, reflected in their writings in their book 'Turning the Tide'.

Phil & Brian Barber

Seminar Room 1

Investing in your journey


God calls us to be good stewards of the financial resources he gives us. Properly used, these resources can be used to fulfil our own lives as well as to promote justice in his creation. Join us as we explore how your personal finances can be deployed to align with your faith values, and how investing in your journey can promote God’s kingdom.Epworth Investment Fund

Davies Lecture Room

Saturday Afternoon

Investing in peace
What steps can we take to ‘seek peace and pursue it’ (Psalm 34:14) through our finances? Come and learn how banks, pension funds and investments connect us to arms companies and the world’s conflicts. Discern actions we can take to shape a more peaceful world.JustMoney Movement

Davies Lecture Room

Rerouted on Pilgrimage
A seminar from Peak Wesley Way, led by Deacon Lorraine Brown (Peak Park Rural Development Officer) and Tom Donoghue. We’ll explore the subject of pilgrimage together, looking briefly at its history and considering its revival in recent years. We will include an open discussion, inviting all to share their experiences and knowledge of pilgrimage in their life.Peak Wesley Way

Seminar Room 1
Gentle Protest: practical craftivism session
Craftivism is a gentle form of activism using craft to call for justice. Come and learn, make and share, as we explore how craftivism can build relationships with people in power to achieve change. No skill or experience needed!Rachel Lampard

Samuel Chadwick Lecture Room

Walk with All We Can


Join the All We Can team for a guided walk up onto Baslow Edge. Meet outside the Hope and Anchor, bring yourselves, some suitable footwear and water / an umbrella / a scarf (depending on the weather!).Hope & Anchor
Where do we go now? Leading when it feels like nothing's working
We’re in a tough mission context in the UK today: churches all want new people to come to know Jesus, but church leaders don’t know what to do. There are many possible ways forward, but no one ‘answer’ or simple solution to this complex challenge. In this interactive workshop, Emma and Jon will offer a new way of framing the problem and explore how we might go about tackling it. In addition to this one-hour workshop, Jon and Emma will be offering 25-minute coaching slots throughout the weekend. Come and find
us in the Hope and Anchor.
Emma Nash and Jon White

Davies Lecture Room

Holistic Ecclesiology: Moving the Whole Church into God's
How can we envision the church’s faithful participation in God’s mission, and help our Christian congregations to engage fully with what God is doing in the community? This seminar is an example lecture from Cliff College’s hybrid
Evangelism and Christian Mission
course – if you’re interested in studying with Cliff, come along and find out more.
Jeff Conklin-Miller

Seminar Room 1

Saturday Late Afternoon

Cliff College Alumni Network Event

The Cliff College Alumni Network (CCAN) is open to anyone who has studied with Cliff College for a year or more. Join us for an opportunity to meet and chat with other former students, hear news and updates from the College and pray for the ongoing work that Cliff does in training women and men to spread Joyful News.

Cliff College Alumni Network

Samuel Chadwick Lecture Room
In a converstaion about a Justice Seeking-Church with Rachel Lampard
As Christians we are called actively to do justice, show loving kindness and walk humbly with God. As the Church in Britain faces new challenges, how might we renew our focus on justice with a fresh approach? Hear stories, ask
questions and bring ideas to spark deeper conversations with friends and strangers. With Rachel Lampard, hosted by Mollie Pugmire
Rachel Lampard

Hope & Anchor
Preach like an Artist
Andy Kind has been working in the world of communication for 20 years. Now he’s smuggling some of the skills he’s learned into the kingdom. Come and add some new strings to your preaching bow.

Andy Kind

Davies Lecture Room

Christianity Month
Does your church struggle with mission or sharing the impact of the Christian faith? Christianity Month in May is a time of celebration and intentional mission which can bear fruit through changed lives and an increased desire to share the gospel. In this seminar you’ll discover the background to Christianity Month; hear how it can work at every church and at para-church level; and enable your church or organisation to pivot to a more intentional and conscious missional approach.Chris Briggs

Seminar Room 1

Saturday Evening

Evening Celebration
Join us for an evening of worship, prayer and preaching with Heather Morris. Hosted by Ashley Cooper and Cassandra Maria, with worship from Matt Beckingham.Hope Stage
In conversation about
Social Holiness with
Leslie Newton

Social holiness is at the heart of Methodism. It means the way that God’s love overflows from believers, transforming the world around them in ever widening circles on their journey of faith. Sometimes journeys go backwards, forwards, and get rerouted. Grab a mocktail, listen, bring your questions and share ideas as we delve deeper into the idea of social holiness. With Leslie Newton, hosted by Emma Nash.Leslie Newton

Hope & Anchor