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With some of the foremost international experts in Christian mission, leadership, and scholarship, the MA Mission is ideal for going deeper on themes such as: pioneering mission and church planting; responses to church decline in the west; missional movements and networks; the Holy Spirit in leadership; evangelism in a digital age; church history; biblical theology; global justice; missional spirituality, literature & culture; and much more! The degree is validated by The University of Manchester, one of the most significant universities in the world.

The MA in Mission is a highly flexible programme which is normally studied full- or part-time over one to three years.* This means it is ideal both for those pursuing an academic vocation as well as for those currently involved in mission or ministry who need to juggle their studies with their church/mission commitments.

To complete the MA, students must complete any four units and then a dissertation in their final year. They can also choose to take a ‘Pathway’ with a more specified focus, or complete the course at a distance by taking the online units (see “More info/Study Options” below).

The MA in Mission currently runs taught units (30 credits each) in the following areas:

(Note: The dates of the units are on the MA Unit Schedule table at the foot of this page.)

  • Contemporary Culture, the Gospel, and Pioneering Ministries (PMFX1)
  • Pioneering and Accompanying the Church (PMFX2)
  • Evangelism, Conversion, and the Gospel (MAE1)
  • Mission, Evangelism, and the Kingdom (MAE2)
  • Best Practices in Mission and Evangelism (MAE3)
  • Leadership: Models, Methods, and Mission (LMM1)
  • Leadership: Revival, Renewal, and the Holy Spirit (LMM2)
  • Leadership: Worship, Mission, and Church Practices (LMM3)
  • Biblical Theology and Mission: Old Testament (BTM1)
  • Biblical Theology and Mission: New Testament (BTM2)
  • Theology of Christian Mentoring (CM1)
  • Applied Themes in Christian Mentoring (CM2)
  • Children’s and Youth Mission 1 (CYM1)
  • Children’s and Youth Mission 2 (CYM2)
  • Literature, Theology, and Culture: Engaging Texts (LTC1)
  • Literature, Theology, and Culture: Creating Texts (LTC2)
  • Wesleyan Theology and Spirituality (WTS)
  • Mission and Islamic Contexts (MRP3)
  • Christian Spirituality and Mission (SPIR)
  • Mission and Global Justice (GLOB)
  • Disability, Theology, and Mission (DTM)

All units (except those delivered online) are taught in five-day (Mon–Fri) intensive teaching blocks, enabling students from across the British Isles, Europe and beyond to participate while remaining in employment.

In some circumstances, a student may study the MA over a period up to 5 years, though advance approval is required.

More Info/Study Options


It is possible to focus your studies in a particular ‘pathway’ – e.g. ‘MA Mission (Leadership, Mission, and Ministry)’. Normally this means taking any 2 of the specified pathway units (e.g. LMM1 & LMM2) plus any other 2 units on the programme either from the standalone unit options or the units attached to other pathways; the dissertation must also be within the general study area of that pathway (e.g. leadership).

The pathways currently available are listed on the left sidebar menu, as are the various standalone units which may be taken in any pathway, e.g.: Literature, Theology, and Culture; Spirituality and Mission; Mission and Global Justice, etc. The current schedule for when the individual units are taught on the programme is given below (“MA Unit Schedule : 2018-20”).

Distance / Online Study Option:

It is also possible to complete the whole MA by distance. This is done by adopting the three online units (MAE2, LMM3, DTM), one independent study unit (ISU), plus a dissertation. Please contact us for more information.

Possible Exit Awards:

  • Postgraduate Certificate (two units)
  • Postgraduate Diploma (four units).
  • MA in Mission (four units, plus a dissertation)

What MA students say:

“Empowering. Life transforming. Accessible. Brilliant.”

“An excellent blend of academic teaching, practical application, and spiritual input.”

“The Tutors were attentive, approachable and helpful.  The Christian values and ethos they hold shine through.”

“My confidence in the gospel and evangelism was restored.”

“It was stimulating, challenging and practical and everything I hoped I would explore during ministerial training but never did.”

“I love coming to Cliff…I really feel it’s my college when I come. Great community feel and small enough not to get lost or overwhelmed.”

“Loved being in this community and the rhythm of life.”

“I’ve never studied at this level before, and so I wondered if I would be able to keep up.  All the staff and lecturers were very affirming, understandable and positive.  So I feel very good…I’ve been given food for thought and inspiration to take home.”

“Thought-provoking, challenging and I would say potentially life changing.”

“I have learnt a lot.  It is life changing.  During the course of the lectures I have laughed, sang, been challenged, repented and worshiped God.”

For any further information about the postgraduate courses we offer, or to apply, please contact us by phone (01246 584216) or email:

Employment Opportunities:

Students completing a Postgraduate Certificate Mission, Postgraduate Diploma Mission, or MA Mission could be employed by churches in a voluntary or paid capacity to work in various capacities, depending upon their particular module focus, or chosen Pathway. The PGT Programme provides specialist training and expertise to equip students for a variety of areas. Students gain practical, academic, critical, and reflective skills related to mission, ministry, and teaching both within and beyond the church. They will have gained key discursive and communicative skills throughout their training which will enable them to work well within numerous interactive working environments. Furthermore, their writing assessments will have given them the ability to work independently, and to enhance their organisational, critical, and evaluative capacities. These might be applied well within occupations requiring regular administration and writing, such as office environments, but especially in occupations in which a critical reflection upon practice is a regular feature of the job, such as with charity work, mission agencies, churches, and civic authorities. The MA Mission provides a platform not only for the student’s own training towards mission projects but a platform for them to train others. As such, many organisations directly or indirectly involved in mission may see a candidate with an MA Mission as a valuable asset to them for the training and development of future leaders and workers.

MA Unit Schedule: 2019-2021

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