Pioneering Ministries / Fresh Expressions (PMFX)



Fed up of seeing the church do the same things in the same ways with the same results? Longing to see the church break out in creative new forms to bring the life-giving message of the Gospel afresh to a desperate world? PMFX offers a great opportunity to explore cutting-edge issues in pioneering mission.

Whether called ‘missional church’, ‘radical church’, or ‘fresh expressions of church’, this programme is designed for lay or ordained persons – from all traditions – who are interested in examining, pioneering or leading such initiatives in ministry through the discipline of postgraduate level study and personal research. We explore, critique, and reflect upon contemporary and creative new ways of being and doing church that many hold as key to the future of Christianity in our contemporary culture. If you are looking for a programme on the front line of 21st century mission, this is the one for you!

Course Details

There are two main units of study which cover a range of themes:


    • PMFX1: Contemporary Culture, the Gospel and Pioneering Ministries
      – Main themes include:

      • Engaging culture, Gospel, and the Church
      • Radical inculturated proclamation
      • Church, Society, and State
      • Fresh Expressions & Worship
      • Church planting
      • ‘Ingredients’ for pioneering Fresh Expressions


    • PMFX2: Pioneering and Accompanying the Church
      – Main themes include:

      • Essence of the Church
      • Post-Christendom
      • Missional movements/monuments
      • Reformation pioneering
      • Real church in a virtual world
      • Theology of Fresh Expressions


These units are assessed by a 5-6,000 word assignment.


This programme can be undertaken either part-time or full-time at a number of different levels:

    • Postgraduate Certificate in Pioneering Ministry FX
      a one-year part-time course incorporating the two units of study


    • Postgraduate Diploma in Pioneering Ministry FX:
      a one-year full-time or two-year part-time course incorporating the two units of study plus two further units from across the programme


    • MA in Pioneering Ministry FX:
      a one-year full-time or two-five year part-time course incorporating the two units of study, two further units, plus a Masters level dissertation of 12–15,000 words

What PMFX students say:

“An excellent week. Stimulating, challenging, and informative.”

“Loved each moment – prayerful, empowering and challenging.”

“Empowering. Life transforming. Accessible. Brilliant.”

“Very helpful! Loved it through and through.”

“Loved being in this community and the rhythm of life.”

“A good mix of theoretical/theological and practical issues explored.”

“Very thought-provoking, challenging and enjoyable.”


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