Wesleyan Theology and Spirituality (WTS)



This programme is for people who want to study the theology of the Wesleys and spirituality of early Methodism, as a way of reflecting on the challenges of mission-shaped discipleship today. The teaching is designed for lay or ordained people of all traditions, and examines the relationships between spiritual growth, using spiritual disciplines, sharing small group fellowship, and engaging in witness and service. John and Charles Wesley are approached as spiritual mentors who pass on the wisdom of ancient Christianity through the pathways of mystical, Puritan, Pietist and revival spirituality. The resulting Wesleyan vision of discipleship provides a lens through which to explore patterns of renewal and mission in the contemporary Church. If you are looking for a course that will go wide in its grasp of the subject, deep into some key themes, and will prepare you for the challenges of our day, then this is the course for you!

Course Details

This course can be undertaken as a full-time or part-time course, to Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma or Masters level. The WTS teaching week is normally in mid-October each year. The Certificate requires completion of two units of study, the Diploma, four, and the Master of Arts, four units plus a dissertation.

There is one core teaching unit of study for the mission (Wesleyan Theology and Spirituality) pathway (WTS):

Wesleyan Theology and Spirituality (WTS1)

Major themes include:

  • The historic roots of early Methodism
  • Evangelism in the Wesleyan spirit
  • The Wesleyan way of salvation
  • Early Methodist hymnody and spirituality
  • Wesleyan approaches to disciplined discipleship.
  • Spiritual influences on Wesleyan theology
  • The holy life as a spiritual journey
  • Christian experience and spiritual formation
  • Mutual accountability and spiritual direction
  • Holiness, mission and medicine!

The programme makes extensive use of primary sources, from John Wesley’s writings to Charles Wesley’s hymns, and some of the spiritual classics that influenced them.

In addition to the WTS core unit of study, students on this pathway study one Independent Study Unit (ISU) which explores an aspect of Wesleyan theology under the direction of the College’s Lecturer in Wesleyan Studies, Rev Dr George Bailey


This pathway can be undertaken part time at a number of different levels:

  1. Postgraduate Certificate in Mission (Wesleyan Theology and Spirituality):
    a one-year part-time course incorporating the two units of study.
  2. Postgraduate Diploma in Mission (Wesleyan Theology and Spirituality):
    a two-five year part-time course incorporating the two core units of study and two units of study from across the syllabus.
  3. MA in Mission (Wesleyan Theology and Spirituality):
    a two-year part-time course incorporating the two units of study and two units of study from across the syllabus, plus a Masters level dissertation in the area of Wesleyan studies (12–15,000 words).

What WTS students say:

“Was very educational and enlightening for anyone wishing to study Wesley and his theology. Would definitely recommend this to anyone wishing to take this unit.”

“The WTS1 week programme was excellent, it has been one of the best modules I have attended on the programme…The week is more than a historical  engagement of the subject, it provides a God-given impetus for the Churches mission today.”

“I come away exhausted, but in a good way. I come away excited, looking forward to studying more around this area in terms of preparing the assignment. I come away grateful for having been able to engage in this week, with these tutors, on this site, and with these students. Thank you.”

“I came expecting an academic week. I didn’t expect it to be so engaging and spiritually refreshing. Thanks to everyone.”


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