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Student Leadership Team 2017-18

The Student Leadership Team (SLT), represent the many Cliff College students studying on a variety of courses delivered at Cliff College to the staff and wider Cliff College community. A key role of the SLT is to contribute to the leadership and running of the college with representatives on both the Cliff College committee and the Board of Studies. The SLT have regular meetings with relevant staff members where student concerns are raised, discussed and acted upon when necessary. The SLT serves the Cliff College community wherever a student need arises. The SLT is an integral part of the College that has been in place for many years; it is, in effect, a unique Student Union.

Andy Beard (President):

The President is responsible for leading the SLT and for overseeing the undertaking of various tasks expected of the SLT. The President coordinates the work that each member contributes ensuring it meets the required need. The President represents students at various meetings and occasions; they liaise with staff on behalf of students for any practical or administrative matters. On the Monday of every residential teaching week for part-time students, the President meets the cohort and ensures that they know of the existence of the SLT working on their behalf and that the SLT are keen to hear from them about any issues that they would like to be raised with the College. The President is a member of the Cliff College Committee; has a place on the Board of Studies meeting and is on the Student Disciplinary Panel.

Sarah Reast (Vice President):

The Vice role is much like the President. They represent students at meetings when the President is unavailable and support them in their role. The Vice is the second point of contact for SLT for students to raise concerns or suggestions.

Vice President





Meg Tetley (Female Welfare) and Bryn McGlashan (Male Welfare):

The Male and Female Welfare Reps are primarily in place to support the welfare of students. The Welfare Reps commit to praying for the well-being of their cohorts at the College and to being there as a friendly support should any problems arise. The Male and Female Welfare Reps understand their role of confidentiality and liaise between students and the College Chaplain when extra, more confidential, pastoral support is necessary. Male and Female Welfare Reps have an open mind, a listening ear and are approachable in times of crisis. They are in place to ensure that there are healthy relationships between students, by being non-judgmental and fair when resolving conflict within the student body.

Jack Key (Social):

The role of the Social Rep is to plan and coordinate social activities in and outside the College on behalf of the student body. The Social Rep liaises with students in order to arrange appropriate socials events and shares in the delivery of these key events in the life of the College.

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