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Student Leadership Team 2018-19


Joel Cameron (President):

The Student President will represent the many Cliff College students during this  year studying on a variety of courses delivered at Cliff College to the staff and wider Cliff College community. A key role of the Student President is to contribute to the leadership and running of the college. The Student President will have regular meetings with relevant staff members where student concerns are raised, discussed and acted upon when necessary.

Significant change in our student profile and ethos has led Cliff College to appoint a President as a result of the growth in the numbers of postgraduate and international students, and the development of Part-Time distance learning courses.  The President will support and recognize the needs of our increasingly diverse student community to actively engage Cliff College and its community ethos.

The President is responsible for leading the Pastoral support of the students and  overseeing the undertaking of various tasks to provide a fun, vibrant community and ethos across the board.  The President represents students at various meetings and occasions whilst liaising with staff on behalf of students for any practical, social or pastoral matters. The President will meet with the student rep’s to ensure the voice of the students is heard and applied to the development of the cliff community and its support. The President’s door will always be open and is keen to hear from students about any issues that they would like to be raised with the College and its support. The President is a member of staff at Cliff College and studies Part-Time within Cliff College on the BAMM Sport’s Stream



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