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Fest Affinity

Festival 2024 sessions and seminars - Sunday

Sessions and seminars on Sunday 26 May at Cliff Festival

Sunday Morning

Bible Study


When it comes to change, we all wish there was an app like Google Maps – something to tell you exactly how far it is to where your going, and how long it is going to take to get there. Unfortunately, that is not how most change works. We have to leave behind one thing without yet knowing where we will end up. This in between space is the wilderness – a space of transition, uncertainty, and self-doubt. The primary fear we battle here is whether we will ever make it to the “promised land”, will we ever make it to a new place in our lives. In part 2 Matt will talk about how we navigate the wilderness. While the wilderness can feel like a waste of time, or like we are circling around aimlessly, something important is happening here. We will talk about how the wilderness helps us and why God wants us to spend time there.Matt Miofsky

The Hope Stage

Rerouted for Revival: Wesley’s Journey


John Wesley is widely known as a revival preacher whose movement altered the religious landscape of Britain but, like so many heroes of the faith, Wesley’s journey towards becoming the great revival preacher was not a straightforward one. Detours included his doomed mission to the American colony of Savannah and a failed love affair with Sophy Hopkey. But through a series of divine encounters, his heart and life were shaped for impact.Ben Pugh

Davies Lecture Room

New Routes & Familiar Paths


In this seminar we’ll reflect on two ways we might approach the Festival theme of ‘Rerouted’ in relation to New Places for New People. By using the metaphors of ‘New Routes’ and ‘Familiar Paths’, Heather will share some of the questions that are emerging in her research with the Methodist Church and invite participants to reflect on the ministry and mission opportunities that are present in their own churches and communities.

Heather Major

Seminar Room 1
Panel: ‘Emergency
Stop: What needs to
change now?’


Come and listen in as we discuss: what in our own lives, our church lives, and the life of our world needs to stop or change right now? A panel hosted by Holly Adams with Simeon Mitchell, Christian Climate Action and Andrew Stobart.

Holly Adams

Hope & Anchor

Sunday Afternoon

Justice: making peace

If we are to be peacemakers, we must be justice-makers. In this workshop, using Mark 12:30-31, we will be exploring what that means for each of us in shaping our responses to the global climate and environmental crisis.

Christian Climate Action

Davies Lecture Room

It's not just food


This seminar will explore the real immediate needs of community and how Fund for Human Need helps. Using real cases and real decisions, we’ll demonstrate how we respond to real time requests for help.Fund for Human Need

Seminar Room 1
Creatively Mapping
the Journey

As you consider the Festival theme, you are invited to come & creatively rest a while to consider your journey so far. We will use reflection, Scripture & the creativity of collage and mixed media to map our own lives and consider what God might be saying to each of usHarlequinn

Samuel Chadwick Lecture Room
Taster Pilgrimage –Peak Wesley Way
Join Peak Wesley Way - starting at the Terrace - for a short pilgrimage walk up to Baslow Edge and back down to Baslow. The route will include a stop at Baslow Chapel, with refreshments and toilet facilities and a chance to see what our pilgrim accommodation is like along the Peak Wesley Way route. Wear suitable walking shoes!

Peak Wesley Way


Hidden Treasure
Excavation with
All We Can


Don your hard-hat, pick up your hammer and chisel, and channel your inner treasure hunter as we explore what chipping away at some rock might have to teach us about international development, mission, and community engagement.Cameron Lee-Hume and Angela Zamaere Smith

Hope & Anchor
Do I Stay A Christian?


Join Elaine, as she reflects on some of the questions raised in Brian McLaren’s book ‘Do I Stay A Christian’ and helps you consider deconstruction and reconstruction of various aspects of your faith.Elaine

Seminar Rooms 1
How does change


Have you ever wanted to make change, but don’t feel like you know enough to try and bring it about? Or perhaps you’ve recognised the biblical call to social justice but aren’t sure how to put it into action in your context? In this seminar, we’ll look at what brings about change on issues of justice, and how we can be part of this journeyEmma Nash

Davies Lecture Room

Journeying towards
Hope and Peace


In Green Christian, we try to create and practice hope for all creation. In this workshop we will explore ways in which reaching hope is a journey, often involving despair, lament, longing and love. We believe that peace is offered
in every stage of the journey, as well as beyond the journey, and that peace, justice and hope are all integrally connected.
Green Christian

Samuel Chadwick Lecture Room
Preach Like an Artist


Andy Kind has been working in the world of communication for 20 years. Now he’s smuggling some of the skills he’s learned into the kingdom. Come and add some new strings to your preaching bow.Andy Kind

Davies Lecture Room
In conversation about transformation with Angela Zamaere Smith


Paul famously wrote to the Romans: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” What does it mean for us personally to be on journeys of transformation, and what might it mean for our communities? Hear stories, ask questions and bring ideas to spark deeper conversations with friends and strangers. With Angela Zamaere Smith, hosted by Emma Nash.Angela Zamaere Smith

Hope & Anchor
Integrating Theology
and Practice Taster


What does it mean to live with integrity as disciples of Jesus today? Join us for this taster of Cliff College’s Integrating Theology and Practice unit (which you can take in September 2024), and begin to explore the rich resources of theology that can help you to ‘reroute’ your life.

Andrew Stobart

Davies Lecture Room
Activism: Spiritual


Embark on an exploration of spiritual practices aimed at sustaining climate activism during times when progress seems distant. Discover effective methods to maintain motivation and drive in the face of uncertaintyJPIT -

Seminar Room 1
Rainbow Fish and the
Sea Monsters’ Cave


It’s Rainbow Fish’s most challenging swim yet, for he must brave the sea monsters’ cave! This show explores themes of going on a journey with others, facing the unexpected even if it seems scary, courage, friendship and the peace that comes when everything is brought into the light. So, come and join us on our musical, underwater adventure!Riverside Performing Arts

The Hope Stage
Work of the World
Mission Fund


In this seminar, join Bradley Goddon-Smith as he shares stories of the World Mission Fund and invites you to engage in conversations of how we recognise the importance of the world church.Global Relationships Team

Samuel Chadwick Lecture Room

Sunday Evening

Evening celebration
Join us for an evening of worship, prayer and preaching with Nathan McGuire. Hosted by Ashley Cooper and Cassandra Maria, with worship from Matt Beckingham.The Hope Stage
In conversation about deconstruction and reconstruction with Elaine Lindridge
Deconstruction is where, on your journey, you question and change your perspectives on various aspects of your faith. Reconstruction is the putting back together again! Perhaps you’re in the process of de or re-constructing or supporting others in their journey of rerouting. Grab a mocktail, listen, bring your questions and share ideas as we delve deeper into the idea of deconstructing and reconstructing your faith. With Elaine Lindridge, hosted by Emma Nash.Elaine Lindridge

Hope & Anchor