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Festival youth

Bringing a youth group to Cliff Festival 2024

You may have heard of or attended the annual Cliff College Festival in the past. We want to extend a particular invitation to the young people in your church and youth group to attend Cliff Festival 2024 (24-27 May).

Young people at Cliff Festival

Cliff Festival is a worship and teaching event where we gather to pray, learn and encounter the Spirit of the living God. Alongside all-age and intergenerational activities, we have dedicated venues for 5-11s, 11-17s and 18-30s to attend.

We know that, following the pandemic, families and teenagers have sometimes been slow to return to church activities, leaving those who do come back as part of smaller groups than they were before. Cliff Festival is a great opportunity for the young people in your churches and youth groups to meet other young Christians and to be encouraged in their faith.

2023 Cliff Festival attendee

My whole family, including kids in the Fusion and Young Adults venues, had a blast!

2023 Cliff Festival attendee

A Cliff Festival deal for youth groups

Thinking of bringing a youth group to Cliff Festival? Here’s a deal just for you.

Free tickets

  • For any under-18s in your group
  • For two of your group leaders who are 18+

Camping for the weekend?

  • Rent a pre-set-up tent (up to eight people per tent) for £250 per tent.
  • Book a wild camping pitch for one tent of any size - £100 per plot.

Extras to consider:

  • Don’t want to cook on a camp stove? Weekend meal passes are available for £50 each.
  • Struggling to find camp beds? Rent them in our pre-set-up tents for £15 per bed.
  • Need more adult tickets? They’re available for £55 each for the weekend.

So what could it cost you?

A group of ten young people with three adult leaders would get free entry for all their young people, plus two of their leaders. They could rent one pre-set-up tent with six camp beds for six young people and book two more wild camping pitches for the two tents they bring with them (one for the other young people and one for the adults). All of this would cost £540. They would also need one extra adult ticket for their third leader, which brings their total to £595 for all 13 of them for the whole weekend.

The group could then decide whether to book meal passes for the weekend or bring their own food and a bit of money for snacks and extras. Either way, the youth group would pay less than £100 per person for food and accommodation for the whole of Cliff Festival – and the young people and their leaders can access all the activities, worship and opportunities on offer throughout the weekend.

If you’d like to speak to us about this opportunity, please contact Lauren Adair on festival@cliffcollege.ac.uk.